What The Fuck!!!???

Are these two defendants in the Jena 6 case in Louisiana, which has been highly publicized by now thanks in part to the blogosphere, doing at the BET Hip Hop Awards posing on the red carpet like they are celebrities. I know one of them has a mother, granny, Big Mama, or Auntie that can twist their ears and knock some sense upside their heads. These guys should be beat with a switch from off that tree they were sitting under. Seriously do they even realize they have just negated almost every good thing that the publicity about this trial has generated. I saw this on The Invisible Woman and was pretty much just disgusted. There are no more words (head in hands shaking slowly in disbelief).

Cosby continues to fuel debate

Caught this article on the latest of Bill Cosby's rants against America's black population, this time in book form. Come On People is the latest attempt by Cosby to shock black America into becoming more personally accountable for the conditions we find ourselves in in this society. The link is to Jay Wilson's (Supernegro) personal commentary on the book and Cosby's recent appearance on Oprah.

Personally I can see both sides of the fence. I think Cosby brings up some valid points about us being more self reliant as a people, but at the same time I think he emphasizes and generalizes too much of the negativity going on in America's black community. Perhaps the most beneficial effect of Cosby's rants in the media is that there is a dialog created in our community about these issues. A lot of good points brought up all around in this post, check it out.


How about a quickie?

It's been awhile since I've been on a regular posting schedule thanks to the birth of my son, Johnathan, moving into a new dwelling and other various 'that's life' situations I had to go thru in the past few weeks. But now I'm back and I missed out on commenting on a lot of sports especially Wisconsin news so you know what it's time for. Shall we?:

Props go to

First I have to give props to the 2007 edition of the Milwaukee Brewers. Yeah they fell short of the playoffs once again, but they had a very legitimate shot this year up until almost the last day and that's the kind of excitement that Milwaukee hasn't seen since '82. The choking down the stretch while frustrating can comfortably be passed off on inexperience which, when coupled with the team coming back for 2008 mostly intact, validates my feelings of optimism for 'next year'. If I'm a Brewer's fan (and I am) I feel great, not because my team blew a 7 game division lead in like a month but because they are set up to be good (and in contention) for the next few years.

The 5-1 Green Bay Packers!! WTF!! This is totally coming out of nowhere. Even your grandma knew the Packers weren't supposed to be shit this year and probably felt like she could do a better job than Favre. Now they are being mentioned in speculation on who the NFC's representative for the Super Bowl will be. But like I've said before, as a fan my demeanor is similar to Mr. Wolf from 'Pulp Fiction'. So let's not start sucking our own dicks just yet. It's hard for gimmicky teams to make it to the big game without a reliable running game and solid line play, areas the Pack has been sketchy in. And after about the halfway point everyone else seems to figure out the one dimensional teams and they start falling by the wayside so we'll see . . .

Marion Jones for finally "coming clean" lol. Seriously she should get some credit for fessing up to the truth without the weight of an unstoppable indictment hanging over her head a'la Vick. Yes she lied so emphatically up until now but that's just the point. She's still has never tested positive on both samples of a drug test. The case against her up til now has been basically a lot of heresay and strong circumstantial evidence. She could have possibly denied anything forever and fans and the USDA would have just been left always wondering. But apparently her conscience and her upbringing caught up do her. Here's to doing the right thing now, even if she didn't at first.

No props for Wisconsin Badgers football. I'm angry. Why whenever the Badger start off in a good spot to possibly actually compete for a national championship do they always falter? Is there a curse on Wisconsin football? Is it the curse of Don Morton and his veer offense from the late '80's? Whatever it is it's fucked up. But I think Wisconsin got caught sucking their own dicks this year. They believed their own hype and played themselves right out of a spot for national title contention. The loss to the Illini was salvagable but not the loss to Penn State. A shame because this really is a team that is better than a lot of people now think, but they probably won't get a chance to show it until they're matched up with some SEC team in a bowl game where people will think they'll get slaughtered and end up winning an ugly game.

To the Milwaukee Bucks for starting their season. I'm cautiosly optimistic about the Bucks this season, even in a stacked East. We're not in the same division as Boston, Lebron doesn't come to play until around Jan./Feb., and we can still beat Chicago, Detroit, and Indiana. So that leaves a little hope until the second round when Boston or Miami shreds us.

Something New

Just a post in case anyone noticed the change to the site. I just decided to try to jazz things up like some of my other blogspot.com neighbors, who knows maybe it will attract more traffic. Plus I think it goes more with the theme of the blog. The Rogue Hour is supposed to be kind of a doorway to enlightenment


The Definition of Sports Fan Blasphemy

Lebron, Lebron, Lebron where to start to begin to explain to you what is wrong with this picture in so many ways. But first I have to speak to the people for you, excuse me.
Fans of all sports (especially sports fans in the state of Ohio) you have to be gracious and forgive Lebron because he knoweth not what he do. Let me break it down for you.
Lebron's development as a sports fan is still kind of in it's adolescent stage. It's never really been tried and tempered in the crucible of the 'us against them' mentality. See this is one of the things he really missed out on by not going to college. For I submit that it is during these young adult years that your identity as a sports fan is really solidified.
I grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin which means the major Wisconsin sports teams (Packers, Brewers, Bucks) were my primary allegience. But I grew up in the early '80's. The Pack was wack. The Brewer had competitive teams but only one really good year in '82. The Bucks had one of the best Eastern Conference teams of the '80's but could never get past Boston or Philly. So I had my teams that I rooted for on the side like Art Monk's Washington Redskins, University of Michigan football when Demetrius Brown was the quarterback, the Houston Rockets when they had Sampson and Olajuwon.
But a funny thing happens in college. You get a bunch of guys from all different parts of the country who don't know each other together in a group and what's a common interest that they can all use to relate to one another? Sports.
I began my matriculation thru my alma mater in the early '90's. Which meant the Packers were still sucking but would turn the corner soon with Favre, the Bucks after at least always making the playoffs were starting to really suck, and the Brewers and UW athletics were irrelevant. So when the sports trash talk begins of course I get bagged on for being from Wisconsin but I stick up for my state. "Yeah the Packers may be sorry now but at least we have more Super Bowls than the Bears and Tennessee doesn't even have a pro sports team!" (Most of my boys were from Detroit, Chicago, East Coast or Dirty South). Those experiences is what really drove my now hyper-loyalty to my home state sports teams. Wherever I live I'll always be a Packers, Brewers, Bucks, Badgers fan cuz that's where I'm from.
See Lebron has (probably) never had those types of experiences to develop loyalty to his home state sports teams like that, which is part of the reason why he thinks it's ok wear a Yankees hat to an Indians home playoff game when he is an Ohio native. And that is the very definition of what sports fan blasphemy is. You can have your little side allegiences but when it comes down to the nitty gritty, when it's time for real talk, when the rubber hits the asphalt, when it's playoff and championship time you cannot go against your home state sports team. That's where you're from, they are representing you whether you like it or not and if you turn your back on them for another team you are a traitor, plain and simple. No animosity just being real. There are plenty of native Wisconsinites who are (shudder) Chicago Bear fans. We Packer fans look upon them kindly enough, kind of like the slow kid who doesn't know any better, but they are traitors.
So Lebron take whatever criticism you receive from your fellow Ohio sports fans constructively, they are just trying to lead you into the light. Realize how tough this must be for them to see one of their sports heroes, a native of their state like them a guy they expect to see in the trenches with them rooting for the same teams, openly flaunting his admiration for the opposition. Oooh the irony!
And damn maybe you could at least lose the hat.


Sorry Charlie

Can anyone tell me why Charlie Bell was bitchin all summer about how the Milwaukee Bucks were disrespecting him? Why can he not just be happy he is getting a chance to play in the NBA? Does he not understand that the bottom line is always the business side of the game? He was a restricted free agent. What fairer way is there for the Bucks and Charlie to make sure he gets as much money as he can than letting the market set the price and matching the offer? (which is basically what the Bucks did) They really didn't even have to make him a preliminary offer but did so out of respect for the player and recognition of how he has been hustling his ass of on defense and improving his offensive game. But yet he want's to blog and complain in interviews about how the Bucks disrespected him and he wishes they would not match the offer sheet he signed with the Miami Heat.
Know what Charlie? If the Bucks didn't respect you they would have let you walk to Heat where you have been trying to keep your butt cheeks from falling asleep on the bench. But no, we realize what an integral part you are to this team, organization, and community so we let the market dictate your worth and gave you that.
Now stop whining like my 2-year old daughter and let's get the Bucks to the freakin playoffs!

The Ruffian on Old Man Favre

I can imagine that's something that he might call himself in his own mind while he's sitting in his recliner 20 years from now regaling his grandchildren with stories about late game comebacks under pressure and against odds. Or who knows? Maybe he'll still be playing. He's pushing 40 but statistically he's having one of the best years of his career.

I'm not ready to carry Favre's jockstrap and drink his bathwater like a lot of Packer fans seem ready to do, but I do have to give him some props this season. He's playing a lot smarter, looks like he's starting to put those 16 years of experience to good use.

That being said can the Packers really go anywhere this year? Who can say? Stranger things have happened. The class of the NFC right now is supposed to be the Cowboys? So who's on the second tier? Not Chicago or New Orleans or Carolina or the Eagles or the Giants (who the Packers already beat this year). So you have to say if the Pack keeps playing the way they are right now they have as good a chance as anybody in the NFC. I say the NFC because whoever comes out the NFC will be trounced by the AFC representative. How ironic would that be if a juiced up Pats team with recently acquired Randy Moss (who was willing to go to Green Bay before he signed with the Pats) beat the dog crap out of a resurgent Pack in the Super Bowl, getting their revenge for the their loss in '96?

But I'm going to sit back and enjoy the ride no matter how it ends because I know this will be Favre's last year. I don't have any inside info, just a feeling. It would be a perfect way to go out with a season like that and we all know he has a flair for the dramatic by the way he's handled the speculation about his retirement the last couple of seasons.

Thanks for making the Packers relevent again and enjoy your retirement Brett, you deserve it.


So long and thanks for all the fish!

Well it was nice while it lasted. The strange, frustrating but at least exciting season of the 2007 edition of the Milwaukee Brewers is over and once again there is no post season. But still there was something different about this season. Fans in Milwaukee were actually paying attention to the Brewers in September, something that doesn't usually happen (or if they are paying attention it's usually just to debate what changes need to be made next year). We were actually involved in an honest to goodness pennant race that was not decided until the last week of the season.
So the way I look at it I can sit around and bitch about how sorry Turnbow is, the many seemingly boneheaded decisions made by Ned Yost, and how we go from 15 games over 500 to barely a winning record in the last month. Or I can be realistic and admit that at the beginning of the season no one in Milwaukee really thought the Brewer's had a snowballs chance at Summerfest of coming within sniffing distance of the playoffs (well mayber older hardcore fans did) so we should be happy that the Brewers gave us the season they did. I mean we're in the same division as St. Louis, Houston, Chicago tough for an unexperienced although talented team to win.
So congrats to the Brewers on their kind of breakthrough season. When Mark Anastasio bought this team from the Seligs he promised he was commited to changing the culture of the lockeroom, to eliminate losing as a frame of mind. I think so far he's doing a pretty good job. Looking forward to next year Mark, and I'll be paying attention this time.