Cosby continues to fuel debate

Caught this article on the latest of Bill Cosby's rants against America's black population, this time in book form. Come On People is the latest attempt by Cosby to shock black America into becoming more personally accountable for the conditions we find ourselves in in this society. The link is to Jay Wilson's (Supernegro) personal commentary on the book and Cosby's recent appearance on Oprah.

Personally I can see both sides of the fence. I think Cosby brings up some valid points about us being more self reliant as a people, but at the same time I think he emphasizes and generalizes too much of the negativity going on in America's black community. Perhaps the most beneficial effect of Cosby's rants in the media is that there is a dialog created in our community about these issues. A lot of good points brought up all around in this post, check it out.

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