More Proof . . .

That Ted Thompson is more likely a follower of Forrest Gump than Ron Wolf, courtesy of profootballweekly.com:
We couldn’t help but do a little dot-connecting when we heard the rumor that the Dolphins might be putting WR Chris Chambers on the trade mart and quickly surmised that Green Bay would seem to be a nice fit for the Wisconsin graduate. Not only do the Packers have a clear need for more help at wide receiver, the team also has plenty of dough to make such a deal happen. But when we asked our No. 1 Packers source what he thought of our conjecture, he brushed us off quickly with a two-word response: Ted Thompson. There’s no way, our source said, Thompson would go that route, with his preference for sticking with homegrown talent.
Homegrown talent??!!!! Chambers was a star at Wisconsin!! How much more homegrown can you get than that??!!! They already passed him up in the draft for Robert Ferguson and Teddy's willing to make the same mistake twice, even with the receiving corps thinness on display by Driver's injury. There's not much more than I can say that this wonderful blog hasn't already. I found it while looking for a humorous picture of Thompson and I've already linked to it under my CLICK THIS! list. It's a must read for fans who are in valid fear of the Pack's relevancy returning to the levels descended to during the Forrest Gregg/Lindy Infante years.

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