Making moves in Music City

Want to highlight a new link in the CLICK THIS! section of this blog to the website of an associate of The (original) Rogue State crew and member of the Rogue Nations who is trying to do some uplifting for a black community in Nashville that needs it just like many other communities in so many urban areas of this country. An active local artist/musician (hate to say local because her sound is truly universal)in Nashville who has been on the grind for years paying dues her visions involve reaching out to her fellow man rather than focusing solely on personal success. Her site is a bit basic now as she just started it but by all means check it out. Artists, mucisians, and intellectuals if you're in the Nashville area and want more info contact her.

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IAYAALIS said...

--- from one revolutionary to the next --- wow. Thanks SO Much for the support, Brother! ONE. ~i.