Weekly Wisconsin Sports Wank

I really was not feeling the wanking mojo this week. Not only is this stuff with Favre, but issues in my personal life, are sapping my fan enthusiasm levels to dangerous lows. But sports is supposed to be a metaphor for life right? The ups and downs, the righteous feeling of vindication that comes with a great performance in the clutch. So maybe this week's post could be my walk-off homer at the bottom of the ninth. Lord knows this little ol' blog could use the attention.

Brewers. B+
Brewers are currently still in second place, but now 5 games back in the NL Central after being owned in all four games of our home stand against the Cubs and dropping 2 to the Atlanta Braves. What colossal (and collective) whiff on an opportunity to really position ourselves heading down the stretch, but it doesn't mean the end of the season quite yet. Taking a look at the Crew's schedule in August, they should have a chance to make up some ground with an easier schedule while waiting for the Cubs to go into their yearly implosion.

I really wish we could have stuck it to them though especially with most of the nation paying attention, we could have garnered some well deserved respect from the media. And for GP's (general principle) sake too, I mean it is the Cubs. Being the casual baseball fan that I am I will probably never fully appreciate the levels of loathing to which Brewer and Cub fans regard each other (at least some of them), but as a staunch Packer fan and therefore Bear fan foe the feeling carries over. And when Cub fans do stuff like this, it's pretty easy to feel that way. But Al's Ramblings has a good point. The Cubs don't really view their games with the Brewers as a rivalry per se. I think it's probably due to the fact that the Crew is relatively new to the NL central after moving to the division in '98 after being in the AL central with the White Sox and Cleveland. They haven't been arching us as long as St. Louis or Cincy. So maybe we should just keep it moving, and exact some revenge in those 6 games in September.

The issue of Eric Gagne's performance has just sort of faded into the background hasn't it? Not that it has improved but it's not the hot topic it was in June. What if we had never signed him? Would there be more money to entice either Sheets or CC into extending their contracts?

Speaking of inept pitching, it's looking more and more like Suppan is officially the weak link in the rotation with Turnbow's torn rotator cuff mercifully ending his season. But I'm sure Yost will stick with him as long as possible because he view's that as showing loyalty to his guys. Don't feel bad Soup, you got Rickie Weeks to keep you company in the fan doghouse.

So contray to some of the franchises in this state there's only been good news for the Bucks as of late. Andrew Bogut is continuing to improve his international game at least. He pretty much beasted Yao and the China team in a warm up game (Yi was a non factor). So I don't think it would be unfair to expect big things from the big man this winter, especially now that he has a contract that some feel he doesn't totally deserve.
Michael Redd is in a zone playing for Team USA right now. Not sure what his shooting percentage is, but he hasn't been putting up anything but jumpers from the outside and I haven't seen him miss many in the games I've seen so far (at least as much of the game as I can see at 3a.m.). He even had a breakaway dunk but it was kind of lacking on the athletic side. I've never quite realized how unathletic Redd is until I saw the clip of that play, too bad I forgot where I saw it or I would link to it.
An SI journalist pegged the Bucks John Hammond as an early candidate for executive of the year. I would have to agree if the Bucks make a significant turnaround this year. So far it seems like he is doing a good job infusing some new energy into the corporate culture, but let's at least wait until the season is a quarter of the way done before we crown him.
My last post was pointed at Caron Butler chastising him for not checking in his teammate Gilbert Arenas about his "nobody wants to come to Milwaukee" comments on his NBA blog, though now it seems as it the comment was more to take a dig at Richard Jefferson rather than to dis our fair city. Either way that particular post is now gone from Arenas's blog. Whether it was the backlash from Milwaukee area fans toward NBA.com or Caron actually standing up for his state that made it go away is unclear.
University of Wisconsin football.
The Badgers will lose some of their great depth of talent at the tailback position due to Lance Smith being suspended from the team indefinitely because he is an idiot. Seriously. I mean he had already had an incident last year that he was on probation for but he got a sweet deal. All he had to do was go thru this Dane County first offender program where he basically did a bunch of community hours and his record gets expunged. Simple right? Thanks for saving my college career judge! Right? Nooo, not for Lance. Seems he dragged his feet on fufilling his obligations so blatantly that the DA rescinded the deal so now he's going to jail. So long Lance, no will remember you five years from now.
I don't usually go in much for preseason predicitions . . . but I can't resist because UW is getting a little respect from the media this year.
Marquette University men's basketball.
Once again Buzz is showing what all the 'buzz' is about when it comes to his skills as a recruiter. Junior Cadougan, a point guard signee for the '09 season, is rapidly rising in the prospect rankings to become one of the elite players in his class. At this rate he could become one of the top prospects in his class regardless of position by the end of his senior year. And he's from Cananda too. That Buzz can get around.
First of all a wrap up of the action from the Family Night scrimmage Sunday night. Uneven performance overall for Rodgers and the offense, almost like he seemed uncomfortable for some reason. Most curious.
Some links from recent training camp notes on the JS Packer blog. Among the things that stood out to me were: Harrell, last years first round draft pick, sidelined by injuries still; The secondary worries me seems like Bush especially is getting burned a lot and we need some of these guy to step forward this year, Woodson and Al Harris will not hold up forever; there's some good competition going on on the offensive line; Brohm shows flashes of his prodigious talent and then reminds you he is still a very raw rookie; I like the fact that Brandon Jackson is indirectly applying pressure on Ryan Grant to get his deal done by showing some marked improvement this year, the official line from the coaches is the starter is Grant but the longer he holds out the longer they have to look at Jackson and change their minds.
All right. You can't blog about the Packers and not mention The Great One (the term this blog will henceforth use to refer to Brett Favre) though at this point it really is beginning to be a chore, at least for me.
So by now everyone has heard that the standoff between The Great One and Packers management is over. The lengendary quarterback has his wish and shall return to the field of glories to do battle for one more season. The pro Favre fans are escatic, the pro Packer fans are kind of disgusted but really more relieved.
It's been said before, but this truly has been a soap opera. The situation has been updating daily so frequently that I've been reluctant to post on it because as soon as you do, your opinion is outdated.
But in the final analysis (as if there could be a definitive one out of all this mess) there was accountability for taking it this far to be had on both sides, as many bloggers have been saying all along, and some stereotyped realities about professional sports has been reaffirmed by this whole episode.
The Great One reaffirmed the notion that star, future HOF type players who play the majority of their careers with one franchise usually get their way and their say if they push hard enough. He took the sissy's way out under percieved pressure from Packer brass to make a decision and retired without being fully committed to it. Then waffled so much that management finally got fed up and decided to finally move on to the future. But inevitably The Great One changed his mind once again and pushed the issue long enough for public (and the NFL's) sentiment to turn his way and force the Packers to either give in or do something stupid (release him or trade him within the division, or give him $25 million to stay retired).
Ted Thompson by bungling the public relations aspect of his job as it relates to Favregate showed us just how much it can suck being the head of an NFL franchise and it gives us a study on how the limitations of a GM's power can be directly correalated to the ego of his star player.
Aaron Rodgers is done as a Packer, doesn't matter if he wins the training camp 'competition' or not. I expect he's pretty fed up with management and The Great One and would not be surprised it he elects to walk next year no matter what happens this season.
This is not good for the team as a whole. I predict the Pack will go on to have a season that falls well short of expectations this year. In real reality the Pack has a very slim chance of going to the Super Bowl this year. SB championship teams are special. Everything has to come together just right somehow. Not every SB winner has done it in the same way, but they all have that completness quality about them. Whether it's that they have a knack for big plays at the right time or the fact that they can beat anyone anywhere they all define and adjust to some identity and are masters of being themselves (or 'playing their game'). The Pack won't have that this year because they will be too busy figuring out who they are: The Great One's Packers or a new generation of stars ready to start their own Lambeau traditions. One thing for sure that will not be defined this season is what the post-Favre era with look like in Green Bay.
Update: Grant has signed.

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Yo, Caron!

Hey do you mind if I speak directly to you for a moment. See I don't know you, but I feel the need to check you on something I feel very passionate about, but first let me give you a little background.

I'm from Milwaukee born and raised. I grew up in the early 80's when the Packers sucked (a state or city's football team pretty much defines it's identity to the rest of the country), the Brewers went to the Series in '82 but didn't win it and were mediocre for the rest of the decade, and the Bucks were always in the playoffs but of course could never get past the great Boston, Philly, and Detroit teams. So I dabbled with fandoms of other teams like the Redskins and Lakers while still maintaining my Wisconsin loyalties in the back of my mind.

But when I went to college in the '90's and met guys from all around the country and we started debating sports I was always talked down because I was from Wisconsin. All of our teams sucked from college to pro, how could I possibly talk shit. But I still always stuck up for my hood, my home, where I was from. Those experiences are part of what made me the passionate Wisconsin sports fan that I am.

So I hear the kind of shit guys like Gil Arenas, who was raised in Cali and Florida, say all the time. No one (read black athlete) wants to come to Milwaukee to play. There's nothing here but a bunch of fat redneck white people, cheese, and beer. Well fuck you Gilbert and by the way Milwaukee is 36% black, which has absolutely nothing to do with whether it's a 'happening' place to live, but I just thought you might be interested in that fact.

But my homeboy Caron could have (should have) filled you in on that. He's from Racine about 20 minutes outside of Milwaukee proper so he knows about the crib. Caron I know Gil is your teammate and all, but you gotta check him in about trying to diss the Mil. I mean you've been around. You've probably seen how natives of Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta, Memphis all have kind of a camaraderie with each other. I wasn't really even going to post on this until I remembered you were his teammate.

Yo, Caron! Represent!

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Different culture, same norms?

It won't be long now before the newly assembled 'Dream Team' will be representing in Beijing, trying to bring that lately elusive gold medal home in basketball. The media buildup, at least in this country, has been kind of quiet to me compared to other Olympiad years. Usually we would be sick of NBC bombarding us with promos by now with the event only weeks away.

But while you're hoping Lebron's ankle sprain is not worse than reported, witnessing seminal point guard Jason Kidd's perhaps last performance on an international stage, and watching Michael Redd go 6-8 from behind the line just remember that these guys probably won't even be able to go out and get a drink after the opening ceremonies (b\w Afronerd).

Looks like the Chinese have mimicked some aspects of Western culture perfectly.

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Weekly Wisconsin Sports Wank

Hello, once again all and any Wisconsin sports fans. It's been a real tough past two weeks in the land of cheese and honey, and by now a lot of us are probably sick of hearing the name of a certain quarterback, so let's try to shift the focus to some of our state's other sports teams (who happen to be doing quite well btw)

Brewers. C+
Crew is 3rd in the Central 6-4 in the last 10, which was aided a bit by the completion of a season sweep of the Giants this weekend where we also took one of their players, in a trade. The Brewers took Ray Durham and reliever Jake Taschner (a Racine native) in exchange for reliever Steve Hammond and Class A outfielder Darren Ford. From all accounts Durham will be a big upgrade for 2nd base, but I'm glad we didn't have to give up any top tier talent (I originally heard we shipped Angel Salome) a'la the Sabaithia trade (which is paying off pretty good so far, he's won his first 3 games (2 complete games) with a 1.88 ERA).

But don't think this trade for Durham is any reflection on Rickie Weeks, according to Yost. Ned emphasizes that Durham is not a replacement for Weeks, says Rickie will be just fine platooning, and that he's not sure why people are down on Weeks just because he's a scrub when he's always been pretty lame (or words to that effect). And by all accounts Durham is very happy to be coming to Milwaukee, yes you read that right.

Althought I didn't see much of the All-Star game, I saw Sheets go lights out the 2 innings he pitched (though I'm uncomfortable ever watching him pitch because you can just see the wear and tear his arm goes thru because of his pitching motion) and was glad that Braun made a good showing too. Would have been nice if he could've stole some thunder from Josh Hamilton in the Home Run Derby though (as if).

And in today's wild speculation out of nowhere, a rumor that Mark Attanasio would like to become the Paul Allen of the Midwest.

So how long did it take for serious concerns about Joe Alexander's skill level to be raised? Oh about one game into the Las Vegas summer league schedule. I think David Thorpe's quote "Simply put, the worst performance of a first round pick I've seen thus far in Vegas" sums it up nicely. The Bucks though did finish up 4-1 in league play, and Alexander did show some improvement during the five games. Brew Hoop has some good notes on the Bucks performance in Vegas. I'm intrigued by the talked about emergence of Ramon Sessions, which is one of the reasons I'm still suspecting the Lue, Allen signing of being the front end setup for some larger deal Hammonds has in the works (I hope). The Bratwurst has a trade scenario that doesn't involve Lue, but ends with Milwaukee getting Shawn Marion and Mario Chalmers. If you think that's far-fetched try this proposal that gets us Udonis Haslem, Mike Conley, and Greg Buckner. Not quite as sexy in my opinion but personnel that, under Skiles, could return adequate production.

Milwaukee Bucks Blog is back with commentary on the Bucks offseason.

Time for Bogut to learn that along with big NBA contracts comes increased media scrutiny from the Bob Boozer Jinx.

Does the Yi trade prove that Herb Kohl is not the meddling owner type some were making him out to be after the Larry Harris debacle?

University of Wisconsin football.
Soon, very soon Saturday mornings will be sacred again. Here's some preseason hype from ESPN.

Marquette University men's basketball.
Just cuz Peaches 'n' Crean left doesn't mean the program will roll up into a ball and die. We don't know for sure about X's and O's yet but so far Buzz Williams has shown himself to be a hell of a recruiter so far. And the rest of the team hasn't been exactly laying around getting fat either.

Ok, this is the moment I've dreaded but I have to at least mention the Pack. But we all pretty much know the status quo don't we? Brett and management are engaged in some kind of Packer-fan-hell-edition game of chicken waiting to see who will blink first. So instead of tirelessy going thru all the innuendo spewed out this week on the subject I would like to recount the intriguing number of random persons, not necessarily possessing any accredited football knowledge, who felt the need to comment on the whole affair.

First of all Greta Van Sustern proved that you can have little or no knowledge of the sport of football but still be allowed to hold actual Packers stock. Tony Dungy lets Peyton know what would happen if he put the Colts in that situation. Tim Brown says "Yeah people forgot about me as soon as I left the league, but I still got something to say about Favre". Newt Gingrich gets winded during the theme music to Sunday Night Football but felt like he could chime in. Minor league baseball teams are beginning to mock Brett.

The Favre saga has done a lot to seperate the hard-core Cheeseheads from the casual Packer fans (with the Cheesheads general attitude being pro-Packers and the casual fans being pro-Favre) but how can you judge the fan who is willing to go to these lengths to have Favre back.

And hey there's alway the one great thing we got out of all this, the Vikings nuts in a vise.
Update: Oh and shout out to Marco Rivera, who retired today. Now there is a guy who should be revered as a true Packer hero.

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The Intersection of Sports and Race

I first saw this story the other day over on Deadspin. I guess it's kind of a big deal, at least in Philly, I'm surprised I haven't seen it over on Field Negro or NOISB. But one of the things that struck me about the details of this incident when I read about it, was that it is kind of the epitome of what this blog aspires to be all about: exploring the intersections of race, politics, and sports and things in between in American society.

One of the other questions that immediately popped up my head was 'I wonder how this story would have been covered, spun in local media, how much national media attention would it receive if the perpertrator had been African-American?

For those visitors who may be too lazy or attention deficiant to click on the links to the story here is the general summary. Two white female St. Louis Cardinal fans were hit by a car while crossing the street after exiting a game at Citizens Bank Park where the Cards were playing the Phillies. One of the women has died from her injuries. The driver was a white male, one Joseph Genovese, who on his MySpace page claims to have a penchant for driving at high speeds on city streets and professes to have a six digit plus income funded by the sale of illegal narcotics. It's also obvious from the stylings of his page and his charming use of ebonics-inspired lingo that he embraces the thuggish side of 'mainstream rap culture' (meaning he probably identifies with the Jeezy's rather than the Common's).

This is the perfect example of the type of story where, had the driver been a young black male, it would have been ripe for sensationalization. Drunken black male runs down to white girls outside of a Phils-Cards game in Philly? C'mon! The guy would have probably been lucky enough to avoid being 'accidentally' shot by the police. And the whole nation would have been outraged at such inhumanity.

But Deadspin was the only place I saw this story. Didn't hear anything about it on local or national media. Doesn't seem to be a very big story outside of Philly, no mention of it on SportsCenter. And I'm going to say it's because he's white (even though he wants to be black). What I want to know is do you agree?

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Weekly Wisconsin Sports Wank

Well it's been quite the eventful week, for Wisconsin sports in general and for yours truly. It's been so busy that I started to contemplate putting off this week's edition (it's not like anyone would notice). But though no one might really read this blog, I take great pride in repping my state thru this running series. So even if it means posting at 4:32am after working a 9 hour shift knowing that I have to be up in about 4 hours ready and alert to handle two toddlers, I'm gonna wank until it falls off (I love that half this sites traffic is generated by Google searches for references to "wanking"). So let's get down to it shall we . . .

Editorial note: I had this week's Wank just about done when the Favre story broke Friday afternoon so forgive me if this weeks post has a noticeably Packer oriented slant.


"This is a date which will live forever in infamy" - FDR

No I'm not suggesting that the news that Favre wants an unconditional release from the Packers is tantamount to the Japanese bombing Pearl Harbor during WWII, but the shock factor (though again not on the same level) is still there. This is going to be a "what were you doing when you heard" kind of story 20 - 30 years from now.

I'm not going to spend any time speculating about whether or not the Pack will take him back or release him or whether Favre would still return to the Pack because this is now officially at the point where it will end badly no matter what happens . . . for everyone.

If they put him back on the roster it ends badly with Favre as a backup (obviously something he doesn't want to do) and maybe even becoming a bit of a locker room cancer(?) and Rodgers constantly looking over his shoulder feeling like he has to be perfect or the front office will cave to the fans and put Favre back in. If they release him the sight of Favre in any other uniform may be initially traumatic for many fans (and Favre won't do as well with another team). Really if they bring him back at all they lose Rodgers, mentally (after being yanked around like a yo-yo) and physically when his contract is up next year. And it ends badly for the fans who will always have a funny little unsatisfied aftertaste when discussing Favre's Packer career. His 'legacy' as the ultimate team player surely is tainted.

I had a feeling, an inkling, a stirring of the hairs on the back of my neck; something told me something like this would happen. I mean this whole thing practically begs for a Simmons analogy. Ok, ok it's like the tail end of a long standing relationship. You both know it's coming to an end, but neither of you wants to pull the trigger so you go thru the motions. It's so far gone that you've begun searching for 'new talent'. So you get ballsy and say "look what's the deal? Are we together or not?" She says "you know what? No we aren't". Which is fine by you because you are starting to warm up to a particular prospective replacement. So you began the process of moving on. But all this while your now ex has been sending little signals that she wants to get back with you, signals you ignored. So now she's moving on, but suddenly you don't know how to handle that. You remember what you had, but also remember that what you had is gone. It's different now. And you already kind of committed to someone else who you don't want to hurt. The ultimate question becomes do I stay in the here and now, which is rapidly becoming the past, or keep moving towards the future.

It's now the question that not only Packers management must answer but that each individual Packer fan will have to ask themselves when they decide how their fandome will be affected by this. What kind of spin will be put on the story of Favre's last days as a Packer when it is related to children and grandchildren? Legendary but aging QB who knew he still had it but just needed a chance to prove it or the overrated, overhyped 'master manipulator' with an over inflated ego still trying to be a gunslinger? Beleagured front office that got bullied into releasing an ego tripping Favre or will this cement forever the perception of TT as the worst GM in franchise history for forcing out the franchise's best player ever while he was still in his prime.

For the best break down of how this all came about check out the JS Blog or any of the excellent Packer bloggers like Railbird Central, Packergeeks, Acme Packing Co., Cheesehead TV, and Brats and Beer to name a few.

I'm done with this except for to add one more point. Brett has always made it a point these last couple of years to emphasize how much he values honesty and being true to himself and the team and the fans when broached with retirement questions. Not once during this whole thing (even now that he has asked for a release) has he publicly addressed the fans he claims to respect so much.

Now, fans who were offended about Rodgers comments in the SI article about getting behind him or shutting up, can you feel him?

Oh and Ryan Grant says he expects to sign soon.

Brewers. B-
Crew is currently in 2nd place in the NL Central, 7-3 in the last 10. Ahh that's it. Perhaps Brett felt upstaged by the Brewers acquisition of CC Sabaithia this week. The Crew is officially in the 'post-season push mode', giving away what was a part of their future to pick up the 6'7" Cy Young winner.

It does feel good to finally see the Brewers playing, dealing, and acting like pennant contenders for once instead of just hoping for a record over .500. But are they going all in too soon?

Like I said in my last wank this deal and the outcome of it (make the playoffs or not, deep run or not?) sets the tone for how the Brewers will look not only this year but for the next several. If we do another job like last year and don't even make the playoffs and then lose Sheets and Sabaithia it could turn into a domino effect where the team's talent level and quality of prospects take a serious digger. If we can manage to make a deep run the same effect might turn this team into one of the better run organizations in MLB for a long time. It can be nervewracking to look at it like that, but also exciting. The Brewers have played for a long time in the MLB without ever being an actual player when it comes to pennants. It's nice to have something on the line for once.

Brewers will regret trading LaPorta though, especially if nothing comes of this season. He and Gamel were the immediate insurance if we lost any of our core guys whose contracts will be up in the next couple of seasons. Sure if Sheets and Sabaithia walk the compensatory draft picks will be nice. But a couple of well developed birds in the hand are worth more in my opinion.

Congratulations to our All-Star representatives Ben Sheets (could start), Ryan Braun (a top vote getter), and Corey Hart voted in online (I placed my share).

And could the Crew be looking to add a little more bullpen help? BrewTownBeat speculates on the possibility of . . . Greg Maddux.

Now that buzz over the draft has died down it's time to start getting an idea of what these guys can do. The Las Vegas Summer Leauge started play today and BrewHoop gave us an early look at the Bucks roster. One of the names that intrigues is Darius Washington Jr., remember him? He was the highly touted Memphis point guard befor Derrick Rose, but got a bad rap for missing game winning free throws. Always thought it was a f'ed up how he didn't even get drafted. Perhaps he can showcase some improvement in his game.

Bogut got the extension he wanted. He should feel pretty secure now about his status in Milwaukee and his place in the leauge and show some more of that marked improvement from last season. At least with his known aversion to conspicuous consumption and the 'typical' NBA lifestyle we know 5 years at $60 million won't go to his head.

Bucks took a cue from the Brewers and didn't dick around about signing their picks. Mbah a Moute and Alexander are inked and will be participating in the summer league. I'm now ready to begin fielding observations on Alexanders "freaky athleticism and tremedous upside potential". And were you aware that Mbah a Moute is an actual African prince?

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Yeah the title doesn't make any sense does it? Well neither does this shit between Favre and the Packers.

I didn't hear about this until I came into work this evening when some co-workers aware of my infamous sports loyalties gave me the scoop: Favre is coming back. There must be something to it I quickly deduced because the local station is currently interviewing Scott Favre, Brett's brother.

Immediately I hit the net looking for info, not from ESPN or the like, but from the well known community of Packer bloggers. From PackerGeeks:

Jason Wilde, the fantastic writer for the Wisconsin State Journal, just said on Homer’s ESPN Milwaukee radio show that he has heard from an “impeccable” source that Favre talked to the team about coming back a few weeks ago, was essentially told he was not wanted, so Favre and/or his agent Bus Cook have asked for Favre’s release.

This makes my blood boil. Let me say as a man, I respect Brett as a person. He has a right to do whatever, say, and live his life regardless of what anyone else says. But as a fan part of me wants to walk up to him and punch him in the nose. (what's the matter??!!! You too good to retire??!! Why don't you sit there and think about it for a while!).

Why now? Why when everybody was finally used to the fact that you're gone and was moving on? Some of us were actually starting to get pumped up about Rodgers. You basically put TT's nuts in a vise and say 'take me back or release me'? You're supposed to be such a stand up guy but you really put the team in a fucked up position today (if this all turns out to be true). If they take you back Rodgers can forget a happy career with this team, his head is officially fucked up. If they say no, you want a release so that Packer fans all over the country can witness the horror of Brett Favre in another uniform.

Of all the last minute tosses you've thrown up, this one is truly the dagger. A dagger right in the middle of one of the most loyal fanbases in all of professional sports.


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My good deed for the day

I haven't really posted on the subject of the acquittal of R. Kelly on child pornography charges stemming from the infamous sex tape that's been circulating for some 10 years now (I know people who still have their copy). Perhaps I haven't posted because I feel (as I do so often) that many of my brothas and sistas in the afrosphere like the field negro, What About Our Daughters, Aunt Jemima's Revenge, and Black Voices have already done an excellent job expounding upon the issue expressing varying viewpoints.

But I just signed the Afrospear backed online petition for Black Men Against the Exploitation of Black Women so I feel compelled to throw my two cents in, who knows this could be the first time someone visting this site has seen any commentary on it.

First of all he was probably guilty. Let's just get that out of the way now. If you disagree, yay, leave a comment I need the traffic. But seriously, come on. If you've seen the tape, as I imagine every black person who is not a staunch/borderline obsessed Kelly supporter has, you know what you saw. That one girl at the end of the video looks pretty damn young. Even though the video is not in HD the guy doing the stabbing is pretty much a dead ringer for R. Kelly. If O.J. was supposed to be a no brainer a class of kindergartners should have been able to write a decision in this case.

Second it's clear that this brother needs help.

Now would be a good time to mention that I used to own some of Kelly's music. Hell I even played in a pick up basketball game once with the man when he gave a concert at my college alma mater (very quick, nice handle, no jumper). But he lost me after '12 Play'.

I saw a pattern. He started off innocent enough with 'Vibe' and 'Honey Luv'. Then he came with the 'Seems Like Your Ready' (which just sounds like the pedophiles anthem now) and progressed to the incomprehensible hits like 'You Remind Me of My Jeep' and 'Half on a Baby' (that really fucked me up when it came out, how . . . never mind). Then coincidentally around the time the tape scandal came out and charges were filed, he's turned over a new leaf in life. He 'Believed He Could Fly'. But as the case dragged out he couldn't resist sexualizing his music so he went back to singing about his snake and telling us to always tip our strippers. This guy has a problem whether it's just plain old pedophilia or some type of hyper sexuality disorder, it's a problem. Everyone has just sort of forgotten about how this is the guy who married Aliyah when she was sixteen and her parents had to go to Chicago to bring her back to Detroit (and her senses) and have the marrige annulled. Sexauality, for him, is an issue that is out of control and will most likely be his downfall in one way or the other. He only narrowly escaped the consequences of his actions this time.

And plus he's providing more ammunition for all the irrational racist fucks out there (do I really need to go into how?) and that's why I signed the petition. Go to the link, check it out, if you agree sign it. What else have you done today to help us progress as a people?

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