Yeah the title doesn't make any sense does it? Well neither does this shit between Favre and the Packers.

I didn't hear about this until I came into work this evening when some co-workers aware of my infamous sports loyalties gave me the scoop: Favre is coming back. There must be something to it I quickly deduced because the local station is currently interviewing Scott Favre, Brett's brother.

Immediately I hit the net looking for info, not from ESPN or the like, but from the well known community of Packer bloggers. From PackerGeeks:

Jason Wilde, the fantastic writer for the Wisconsin State Journal, just said on Homer’s ESPN Milwaukee radio show that he has heard from an “impeccable” source that Favre talked to the team about coming back a few weeks ago, was essentially told he was not wanted, so Favre and/or his agent Bus Cook have asked for Favre’s release.

This makes my blood boil. Let me say as a man, I respect Brett as a person. He has a right to do whatever, say, and live his life regardless of what anyone else says. But as a fan part of me wants to walk up to him and punch him in the nose. (what's the matter??!!! You too good to retire??!! Why don't you sit there and think about it for a while!).

Why now? Why when everybody was finally used to the fact that you're gone and was moving on? Some of us were actually starting to get pumped up about Rodgers. You basically put TT's nuts in a vise and say 'take me back or release me'? You're supposed to be such a stand up guy but you really put the team in a fucked up position today (if this all turns out to be true). If they take you back Rodgers can forget a happy career with this team, his head is officially fucked up. If they say no, you want a release so that Packer fans all over the country can witness the horror of Brett Favre in another uniform.

Of all the last minute tosses you've thrown up, this one is truly the dagger. A dagger right in the middle of one of the most loyal fanbases in all of professional sports.


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