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I haven't really posted on the subject of the acquittal of R. Kelly on child pornography charges stemming from the infamous sex tape that's been circulating for some 10 years now (I know people who still have their copy). Perhaps I haven't posted because I feel (as I do so often) that many of my brothas and sistas in the afrosphere like the field negro, What About Our Daughters, Aunt Jemima's Revenge, and Black Voices have already done an excellent job expounding upon the issue expressing varying viewpoints.

But I just signed the Afrospear backed online petition for Black Men Against the Exploitation of Black Women so I feel compelled to throw my two cents in, who knows this could be the first time someone visting this site has seen any commentary on it.

First of all he was probably guilty. Let's just get that out of the way now. If you disagree, yay, leave a comment I need the traffic. But seriously, come on. If you've seen the tape, as I imagine every black person who is not a staunch/borderline obsessed Kelly supporter has, you know what you saw. That one girl at the end of the video looks pretty damn young. Even though the video is not in HD the guy doing the stabbing is pretty much a dead ringer for R. Kelly. If O.J. was supposed to be a no brainer a class of kindergartners should have been able to write a decision in this case.

Second it's clear that this brother needs help.

Now would be a good time to mention that I used to own some of Kelly's music. Hell I even played in a pick up basketball game once with the man when he gave a concert at my college alma mater (very quick, nice handle, no jumper). But he lost me after '12 Play'.

I saw a pattern. He started off innocent enough with 'Vibe' and 'Honey Luv'. Then he came with the 'Seems Like Your Ready' (which just sounds like the pedophiles anthem now) and progressed to the incomprehensible hits like 'You Remind Me of My Jeep' and 'Half on a Baby' (that really fucked me up when it came out, how . . . never mind). Then coincidentally around the time the tape scandal came out and charges were filed, he's turned over a new leaf in life. He 'Believed He Could Fly'. But as the case dragged out he couldn't resist sexualizing his music so he went back to singing about his snake and telling us to always tip our strippers. This guy has a problem whether it's just plain old pedophilia or some type of hyper sexuality disorder, it's a problem. Everyone has just sort of forgotten about how this is the guy who married Aliyah when she was sixteen and her parents had to go to Chicago to bring her back to Detroit (and her senses) and have the marrige annulled. Sexauality, for him, is an issue that is out of control and will most likely be his downfall in one way or the other. He only narrowly escaped the consequences of his actions this time.

And plus he's providing more ammunition for all the irrational racist fucks out there (do I really need to go into how?) and that's why I signed the petition. Go to the link, check it out, if you agree sign it. What else have you done today to help us progress as a people?

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