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Barry finally hits 756. As an African-American I am proud of him (as I was when he broke the single season home run record). What most makes me proud for him is the humility and respect he has shown when addressing the media during all the hype leading up to this moment(no matter how much they try to bait him), not at all what you would expect if your impressions of him as a person were solely based on media accounts and had never seen him in public.

Also I may sound naive here but can I ask the media, if this guy is so conceited and ego-centric and owes his head size to his sense of entitlement is he really smart enough to be a massive steroid consumer and have avoided any kind of positive test ever? Is there ever going to be anything more than conjecture and assumptions in the case against him? I know there's lots of so called "damaging testimony" from all kinds of people but will there ever be any hard cold CSI style undisputable evidence? Just a random thought from a very casual baseball fan.

Side note: I ran across this photoshopped Bond's rookie card at profootballtalk.com

Interesting read at the leader comparing Barry's career trajectory to Mickey Mantle's. Interesting to me because as a casual baseball fan I never delved to deeply into the details of his (Mickey Mantle's) career.

This just in out of nowhere: Penny Hardaway signs with the Heat. Knew they were desperate for help but damn. So now the Heat has Shaq, Walker, GP, Eddie Jones, Penny . . . this is like the where are they now roster for former mid to late '90's NBA All-Stars who you thought were already out of the league (they should have went harder after G. Hill). Although in all seriousness Penny should have been on my Coulda Woulda post (just didn't come to mind). He was one of the best guards in the league no question once upon a time(remember he was supposed to be the next Magic). The combo of him and Shaq quickly took Orlando to the NBA finals, but then Shaq wanted to leave and the knee problems started . . . oh well Memphis State fans still love him (that's right Memphis State ho).

Looks like Mike Alstott's career might be over. Sad to see AllState go (one of the great natural nicknames in the NFL, see Berman is good for something). Did you know that he is the Bucs second all time leader in rushing yards but only has slightly over 5,000? (James Wilder is No. 1) Have the Bucs ever had a big time running back? But he has to be considered one of if not the greatest fullbacks of all time right? HOF worthy? (I bet he gets in eventually).

Meet Ted Thompson; Packer GM/extreme dumbfuck. The Green Bay Packers have over $13 million in cap space left and I have a question for Ted Thompson: what the fuck are you waiting for?!! Our starting running back is projected to be a guy who didn't start on his college team until his last year. We could some veteran talent at almost every critical position on offense and defense. We have a chance to aquire a still very talented Randy Moss at a very reasonable cost and pass. Ted, guess what . . . the draft only happens once a year you dumbshit (and you're not doing so hot with that either). And you know what else I've heard? Teams can actually add players to their rosters at other times during the year! It's called free agency, you might want to look into it before we look into buying out your contract.

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