The Enemy Within

When I first met my fiancee' let's just say I was not very impressed with my perceptions of her level of intellectualism. Later I found out that she was a deeper thinker than I thought but had learned to hide that part of her personality because she did not like to be over talked by overzealous militants who think they know everything. So lately we've really been cultivating our intellectual sides more, especially with The Great Race that's going on.

So the other day we were talking (after Barack had won Wisconsin's primary) and she was waxing poetic about the prospect of America having a black president and our kids seeing America's second black president, like this will automatically resolve the many issues that race is at the root of in this society. So I just come out of nowhere (because the thought just hits me) and say "You know if he does get elected they'll kill him". "What" she says enthusiasm fading as she speaks, "they'll kill him" I repeated. "Don't you know that the real powers that be in this country will not let America be lead by a black man? Racism is at the heart of some of the deepest, most secretly held beliefs in this society! No way they let a brother run it. They'll kill him first. Might be before the actual election or after but it'll happen if he get's that far."

Fast forward to tonight when I clicked the link to one of my favorite blogs NOIS (in my CLICK THIS list) and lo and behold their latest post which I must do more than link to (sorry for not getting any advance ok NOIS but no one reads my blog anyway)

You and your African ape decedents keep on supporting Obama and getting those guilty feeling liberal whites to vote for him, too. You are playing into our hands.True Americans and intelligent people that understand that the diminishing of white bloodlines is ruining America and the world are waiting anxiously hopin for Obama to win this election.You people are too dense to see what is happening. Once Obama wins, he will most likely be assassinated. That will spark rioting from blacks. Essentially, it will bring about the race war this country needs to right itself and purge the welfare roles and prisons of your lazy, criminal brothers and sisters and resume our role as a world leader that can be respected. The curse our ancestors brought on us today by bringing the apes over as slaves will finally be eradicated.A vote for Obama is a vote for a White America.Keep supporting him!

Now if you read the whole post NOIS claims they received this as an anonymous email from some redneck. I say claims because some of the users who commented on the post believe NOIS made up the letter to inflame there regulars and attract some attention. I don't think so. When the whole Vick thing was blowing up I saw the racist inbreds light up blogs and articles all over the country with their generalized degredation of African-Americans and professional athletes. I've seen how deep the hate goes in Amerikkka so I don't take it lightly.

I guess I was just caught off guard because I have only recently realized that Obama does have a definite, legitimate shot at becoming the Democratic nominee. This is not going to be one of those Jesse/Al we-didn't-quite-make-it-there-yet-but-we're-getting-closer campaigns where black folks give ourselves a pat on the back for showing up. This is Bill O'Reilly's and Brit Hume's worst nightmare. It's something black comedians have been joking about for years, how many seconds would it take for the first black president to get smooth capped. And it just recently seriously occured to me that this could be something I witness in my lifetime. And now here's some more proof to reaffirm my thinking.

Regardless of whether the email on NOIS is a fabrication or not what's real is that you better believe there exists people with this exact mentality.

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Weekly Wisconsin Sports Wank 3/3

Marquette University men's basketball. A-
The Golden Eagles (ugh) have turned it up a notch on the effort level these last couple of weeks. Since the loss at Notre Dame they have won 6 out of 7 the only loss coming at home to 10th ranked Georgetown. Only game left is away against a reeling Syracuse team that probably fell off the bubble last weekend. That should be a win also (should be but never take Boeheim and the Orange at home to lightly). And as I noted before it looks like Crean has the team peaking at the right time so it looks like there is still hope for a decent seeding. By the way that was an extremely tough loss to Georgetown Sat. night. Unbelievable that they call the foul on the three point attempt (definitely could have been a no call) even more unbelievable that James puts himself in the position to be whistled. Surely Crean said foul in the backcourt or don't foul at all. But perhaps the most unbelievable development was that Marquette was in a position to win the game at all after shooting just over 60% at the charity stripe. The outcome did yield one unexpected positive result, the emergence of junior Dwight Burke from Brooklyn who had been quietly lobbying Crean for playing time.

Green Bay Packers.
So. This is how it ends. Feels kind of like the end of the Sopranos. I mean we all knew this day would come but never really prepared for it. We were all thinking 'he wouldn't retire now, not after a season like this!', but that's exactly when stuff like this happens: when you least expect it. Describing this adequately calls for a seperate post. Of course this totally changes the speculation on who the Packers will be drafting (or signing in free agency). Naturally people will be looking at our prospects of picking a QB but there are two problems with that. It's not really a talent rich draft as far as signal callers go, and I've heard that the Packers have enough hope in Aaron Rodgers potential to give him a legit shot at being the next 'great one'. I mean if Eli Manning can get you a ring there's pretty much hope for everyone at first right? Right!!!??? Man we are going to really suck. Can someone kidnap Ron Wolf and make him rebuild our team please?

University of Wisconsin men's basketball. B+
Badgers have clinched a share of the regular season championship and will close out the Big Ten regular season at Northwestern Saturday afternoon in preparation for the Big Ten Tournament next week. It seems like the general consensus, in the media, is that the Badgers are a 2-3 seed and will probably not be playing in the Midwest. Which is no problem to me. We've had suckier seedings and have had to go to all ends of the country before. Plus Wisconsin fans travel well, so wherever they end up they will feel at home. I've been looking forward to the Madness this year but I can't believe it's here already. The season goes so quick to me because I am hanging on every game relieved when we win. I don't know if I'll ever take 20-win seasons and the great job Bo Ryan is doing with this program for granted, and I don't really want to. Wisconsin basketball was simply irrelevant for so long I still remember what a big deal it was when we started being ranked in the polls. Every since former chancellor Donna Shalala did UW a huge favor by hiring Pat Richter as AD all the right personnel moves have been made in regards to coaching. Barry Alvarez got the ball rolling and the culture started changing and Bo Ryan has done a great job building on the successes of Stu Jackson, Stan Van Gundy, and Dick Bennett before him. All that said this is probably as good as it gets for Wisconsin until Bo starts to land some higher profile recruits.

Brewers. B+
Looking pretty good so far in spring training. I heard Peter Gammons say the Brewers were his dark horse for this season so I guess we are gaining some national respect; and we're not worried about the Cubbies either. Well with all this success you know something jacked up has to happen to even it out and it's happening to the Brewers in the form of Prince Fielder's steadily increasing ego. I guess he found out that he was the first rookie to hit 50 home runs since Willie Mays and figures he's the shit now. I don't know its just the team is doing really good right now. This team is the one that drafted you when everyone said you were too fat. You came up thru the team's farm system, helped implement this team's turnaround from rumors a couple of years ago that they could be contracted like Toronto, built some shit here as a team. Now you're going to abandon that and go for individualism??! Why!? If this continues I feel it ending badly. Like Gary Sheffield all over again badly. (I know. You didn't even know it was Milwaukee that drafted him)

Bucks. C-
That's pretty average I guess as the Bucks are 4 out their last 10 continuing this abysmal season where the only ray of light is the deep draft coming up. They did summon up their bi-weekly where-did-that-come-from effort last night though, beating the Sonics at the BC with perpetual lazy ass Charlie V. leading the way with 32. Charlie Bell even had a steal and a dunk. No new developments about the quagmire that is our front office. Still looks like Larry Harris is on his way out and the end of the season. Still doesn't look like any major trade/acquisitions will be happening in the near future. Meanwhile BucksDiary has come up with yet another metric to assess exactly just how much the Bucks suck. Now revisit The Bratwurst's thoughts on the team before the season began. What were they smoking? (and can I get a hit?)

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee men's basketball. C
On the season. It was an up and down injury filled 3rd year for Rob Jeter. They are one of the first casualties of March Madness getting bounced from the Horizon Leauge tournament after a strong performance from Loyola's J.R. Blount, a Milwaukee native who turned traitor and went to school out of state. UWM ends the year at 14-16, 7th in the league. Possibly good enough for the NIT but don't hold your breath. But things could possibly look up next year. The Panthers have some good younger players that now have some experience under their belt and Jeter is a good coach (mentored by Bo Ryan).

University of Wisconsin-Green Bay men's basketball. C
Too. Also got bounced in the first round of the Horizon League tournament by Valpo. Had a slightly better season at 15-15, 9-9 in league so at least it's not a losing record. Not a whole lot to say about this team other than that they are young (one senior) so it's possible they can get better. To me this will always be Tony Bennett's (yes the current coach at Wazzu) school. The team that got to the tournament '92 and almost beat Steve Smith's Michigan State team.

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Some Wounds Never Heal

The pain of a Super Bowl loss. Yes on some level there is a way that some Packer fans might have been able to feel a twinge of sympathy for New England fans (not me I'm just saying), for we too have known the pain of losing a Super Bowl in which we were heavily favored.

It's been over ten years now since that fateful evening in San Diego when Denver's John Elway won his first Super Bowl in lost-track-counting tries. That night the Pack could have turned into a dynasty Holmgren would have never left. Instead they joined ranks of the seeming Super Bowl fluke teams like Baltimore and Pittsburgh, one hit wonders.

But eventually over time the pain of the loss dulled. We consoled ourselves with rationalizations like "hey 1 out of 2 isn't bad", "Favre is young, we'll have plenty of chances like this", and "well if we had to lose at least it was to Elway". How could we be bitter after the Pack had finally delivered on the promise of 10-6 seasons and gotten to the championship game two years in a row. We were America's Team again (never been the Cowboys as far as I'm concerned). Yeah we had a good shot at two in a row, but we gave it our all. Sometimes it's just the other teams day.

Then (after the Packers recently lose a NFC championship at Lambeau Field playing like they were coached by Forrest Gregg) you wake up one morning and see this (Badgercentric) in your local sports section. And it all comes back. The way you felt when Favre threw that last pick that sealed the game's fate, how the anger and confusion built up in your head as possesion after possesion went by without giving the ball to Levens, the 'thanks for nothing, bitch!' rant you wanted to spew at Holmgren when he left soon after for more power in Seattle.

But that's why we are such great fans. We forgive and forget and we remember the Lindy Infante/Forrest Gregg/Dan Devine eras. If you can survive the '80's as a Packer fan you can shake off 10 years of coulda woulda too.



I see lots of white folks like to use that word. Anyway that might be the perfect description for Buck's owner Herb Kohl's actions, er, inactions as the wee hour of the NBA trade deadline approached. The Bucks were offered the Holy Grail, a trade with Knicks GM Isiah Thomas that would have enabled the Bucks to dump 3 garbage contracts and acquire a consistent inside scorer. Kohl said no dice. Bucks fans are not happy.

Weekly Wisconsin Sports Wank 2/21

Good night for Wisconsin as the Bucks (whoa!), Badgers, and Marquette all won. Plus a little bit of gossip on the Brewers and Bucks. Read with me! (anyone with young children might get that reference)
Bucks. D+
Bucks win over Detroit tonight is a slight abberation to the way things have been going lately. The continued losing is taking it's toll, Krystowiak is losing his control over the team. But it appears that the Bucks are not going to change things anytime soon. I too am beginning to think like the many hardcore fans who have been saying the Bucks need a change of ownership to really shake things up. That there are fundamental problems with the way the Bucks do business that will only change if the current regime is changed. My main worry with that is where do you find a potential buyer for the Milwaukee Bucks who wants to keep the team in Milwaukee. We don't want to be the next Seattle (and the Bucks have been complaining about the Bradley Center for a while now). A couple of years ago the senator reportedly turned down Michael Jordan's offer for the team after Jordan kind of half ass promised that he would keep the team in Milwaukee. Would he get much of a better offer than that?
Pitchers and catchers reported this week. Gagne finally addressed the fact that his name appeared on the Mitchell Report (link by way of Sports Bubbler) but he's not quite as eloquent as Andy Pettite. But if this guy can return to pre-Red Sox form the Crew could have a pretty solid bullpen with guys like Capuano, Jeff Suppan, and some guy named Sheets. Hopefully Yovani Gallardo can recover quickly from his injury because I have been looking forward to refering to him as 'Lardo all season. Meanwhile the Brewers have let talks with J.J. Hardy go into arbitration, the seed of the greatest hitter in the last quarter century needs more playing time, and how Milwaukee is dealing with an unfamiliar problem: too much talent?
University of Wisconsin men's basketball. B+
Badgers continue to bounce back after the home loss to Purdue (who is turning out to be a lot better than people thought. . . at least in the Big 10), running through Minnesota and the Illini like Marion Barber III. Next game at Ohio State will be a bit tougher and then comes Michigan State. Even though the Wisconsin basketball program has been top quality for over a decade now I still am awed by how we expect 20+ wins a year from a program that used to be run by Steve Yoder.
Marquette University men's basketball. B+
If Marquette expects to be one of the higher ranked teams in the tournament all of these next games are must win games. They should not have let that retarded lookin Harangody kid at Notre Dame beat them then they would have won 7 of their last 8. 6 out of 8 is not bad either though. But still Marquette needs to already be in tournament mode. Out of these next 5 games really the only acceptable loss would be Georgetown.
Pack franchised Corey Williams the other day which was kind of a dubious move to me. Did they really need to tag him? Is he attracting that much attention around the league? Brett Favre still hasn't officially said he's coming back yet but it is not really an issue like it has been in past years. So far it seems like the media has just assumed that he will be back and is acting accordingly. I guess it makes sense that he would with the improvement of the team and all but wouldn't it be so dramatic if he did just the opposite? Isn't that what Favre critics say he lives for? On another note Gilbert Brown is returning to gridiron competition! . . . as the head coach of Milwaukee's new AFL team da BoneCrushers (Sports Bubbler). Also the Pack finally jettisoned three-time Pro Bowler Bubba Franks after 8 seasons of admirable service. Some would say Bubba was way overrated but he seemed to always come thru with the cluth 3rd down conversion/red-zone/middle-of-the-seam catch. But look at me talking like he's retiring, isn't he exactly the type of player the Pats would pick up and rejuvenate for 3 or 4 more years? Are you telling me Zach Thomas has more left than Bubba?
Oh and the latest mock draft over at CBSSports.com has us taking a CB from my alma mater in the first round. I think it would be a good pick, the kid has good skills and tools and by all accounts is a good charachter guy too.


Former Wisconsin athletes

There have been several of them in the news lately, so I thought I would start a routine post to keep up with new develpments.

Remember Milwaukee Washington great Latrell Sprewell? Sure we're all familiar with his recent financial difficulties. We also recently heard that his River Hills house might be being foreclosed on too. Not really the best way to make the news, but it is what it is. Besides if you feel like some of Latrell's actions over the course of his career have made you feel embarrased to be a Milwaukeean, remember he was actually raised in Flint, MI.

Remember former Milwaukee Buck and waste of a first round pick Vin Baker? He's making news because his restaurant is being foreclosed on (disturbing pattern here?). Actually I exaggerate by saying Vin was a waste of a draft pick. Despite his reputation as a boozer that side of Vin didn't really reveal itself until after the Buck traded him to Seattle. When he was with us he was a perennial all-star. First star player we had after the glory years in the '80's. I always felt like if we could have kept that nucleus of him Ray and G-Rob we could have made it over the hump into the finals one of those years (only probably to be squashed by the Lakers or Spurs but still). I hope he can get it together soon. He may be a lush, but he has always seemed to me like the harmless likeable drunk. You know like Otis on Andy Griffith?

And last but definitely not least in size former Packer defensive roadblock Gilbert Brown returns to the field of competition as head coach of Milwaukee's new AFL team the BoneCrushers. The Sports Bubbler has the link to their new promo.


Hello! Yes, there are black people in Wisconsin

For those of you who seriously wonder. I ran into a lot of people down south who were quite incredulous at the fact that not only were there black people living in America north of Chicago, but that one of them had actually ventured all the way to Tennessee to go to college. Makes for fascinating conversation as you can imagine.

Well there may not be that many people of color here by the big lake (although the latest estimated census figures puts the African-American population in Milwaukee at about 37%), and the black community here may not have as strong a presence as in other cities like Chicago, Philly, or Memphis. But we do have one cultural asset that stands alone in it's uniqueness, a landmark that is one of a kind. Milwaukee is the home of America's Black Holocaust Museum.

What's that you say? You weren't aware of the fact that there was a Black Holocaust? Well that's probably because it is an event that has been misnamed and underreported. But there are some of us who recognize what the deaths of 14 million (low estimate) men, women, and children during a global slave trade was: genocide on the grandest scale.

Now you may be reading this post and wonder, as a person who is not of color, why don't these blacks who keep going on and on about what the white man has done to them stop whining and just take responsibility for their lives?

Good point. I will suggest that to the next rape victim I hear about or come in contact with.

See those Africans that died in the middle of an ocean on the way to some land they had never seen before were pretty much raped of everything. Name, culture, religion, language. And the effect of that rape ran deeply through them as a people, so deep that it still affects their ancestors today in ways a lot of them don't even realize.

One of the first things they tell rape victims to do is to confront their attackers and accept what has been done to them. Today's descendants of those victims have been stuck trying to do that for a while. The founder of this museum wanted to help out with that cuz see he almost became a holocaust victim himself, but instead he became one of the few black men to ever face the full fury of a white lynch mob and live to tell the story.

So click on the links. Don't say no one ever told you there was more to Milwaukee than beer and cheese.

"The events which transpired five thousand years ago;Five years ago or five minutes ago, have determinedwhat will happen five minutes from now; five yearsFrom now or five thousand years from now. All history is a current event."

- Dr John Henrik Clarke -



Hey check out the above YouTube video that they are linking to over at Brats and Beer. This is post game video of Brett Favre's first game appearance in a Packer's uniform where he notched his first 4th-qtr-come-from-behind victory against the Cincinnati Bengals at Lambeau. So many things struck me about this clip that I just had to post on it. Some of my first thoughts are
  • wow remember when the NFL used to only be on NBC or CBS?
  • we all take cracks at CBS's NFL studio panel nowadays, but this has got to be the most mismatched in studio panel ever: recently deposed Eagle head coach Buddy Ryan, pre Bronco O.J., and Bob Costas. Just from this short clip you can tell there is like no chemistry. O.J. can't get a word in because Costas is fawning over Ryan and is reduced to obvious half assed comments after all the good points have been made.
  • Packer fans, remember when everybody was saying that Majikowski was the next Bart Starr and believing that he was going to lead us out of mediocrity
  • Simmons would have a field day with this.

then I just start really noticing O.J.. If someone had told him after that show that 10 years from then he would become one of the most hated, contraversial, and polarizing people of the last quarter century; that he would be reduced to jacking people for his own memorabelia would he have believed you? And look at how good he looks in the clip and then look at him now. That brother has been down thru there (I know he brought it on himself). You know I had a friend in college whose uncle was an FBI agent stationed in L.A. who told me that his uncle, due to some facts of the case that the public (nor media) has ever been privy to, had always believed that O.J. was innocent, that he intentionally took the fall for the real killer. Said his uncle told him that the killer had a different dominant hand than O.J., was smaller in size, and some other details that led him to believe that O.J.'s son was the actual killer and that O.J. deliberately acted the way he did to draw suspicion to himself to take the fall for his son. I've never known exactly what to think about that story but in the back of my mind sometimes when the media is fucking with him I wonder . . . interesting.


Weekly Wisconsin Sports Wank 2/12

Bucks. D+
Because of their stinking front office. I've never been a fan of Larry Harris but this link to a Journal Times article by way of Brew Hoop has me beginning to wonder if old Larry has been setup for failure. Despite a very restless fan base, a dismal record that includes blowout losses to some of the worst teams in the league, and being in possession of some very tradeable talent (Charlie V. maybe even Redd?) the Bucks have not been in anyone's mouth when it comes to trade rumors. So what are the Bucks waiting for? It has to be painfully obvious to everyone in the front office that this roster, as it currently stands, just is not going to get it done (how many times do I have to point out that Royal Ivey has been starting games this season?). We need a shakeup. Some players with fresh attitudes. And all Harris is doing to rectify this is sitting on his hands . . . or have they been tied for him? Could the inertia be coming from the very top, Sen. Kohl himself? But why? Why risk losing more of an already fragile fan base? Why not try to show the fans that you are willing to try something to make this team better? Unless you are seriously considering finally pulling the trigger on selling the team, as has been rumored more than once in recent years! Pure speculation but there has to be something to the Bucks inaction. And don't tell me no one wants to deal with us. As long as Isiah Thomas is an NBA GM any trade could be made anywhere with any team at any time.

University of Wisconsin men's basketball. C+
Badgers were looking to avenge their only conference loss and take the lead in the standings but instead they got more of the same when Purdue came and whupped up on them in the Kohl Center Saturday. Any loss in the Kohl Center is a whuppin for the Badgers who have now lost twice at home this season. Of course this loss drops them out of the top ten quicker than I would drop my pants on this chick I have been seeing a lot of on the web lately. Anyway let's see if we can complete a sweep of our own in Bloomington tonight. Another loss (outside of the Big Ten tourney) ranked opponent or not will put a serious cramp in our bid to get a favorable seed. Right now I can see them drawing as low as a 5 or 6. My feeling is we gotta run the table on the rest of the schedule and go deep into the conference tourney for people to take us seriously again. Doable but it's not going to be pretty. 8 games left 5 of them on the road ( strange according to uwbadgers.com we play at Northwestern back to back in successive days in the last two games of the season, but ESPN has us playing Ohio State back to back in Columbus at the end of February. I'll take Northwestern please).

Marquette University men's basketball. C
Now's the time for a run starting with this win over Seton Hall. I think they can get 5 out of these last 7 games with wins over St. John's, Rutgers, Villanova, Florida Gulf Coastal (wtf?), and Syracuse. All of those should be winnable games for Marquette. That will put us at 22-8 probably good for a top 4 finish. Get to at least the semifinals of the Big East Tourney and that's 24-8 after weathering a season in the best basketball conference in the nation. Should be good for a 3/4 seed. Of course if they do not go at least 5-2 down the stretch they might be in real danger of missing the Dance.

Milwaukee Brewers. B
GM Doug Melvin recently revealed that the Brewers picked up the 2009 option on Ned Yosts contract following the end of last season. But don't necessarily take that as a vote of confidence. Keeping that in mind I think Yost will be around at least another 2 years, even if the Brewers cannot improve on last year's performance. It just feels to me like the former Brewer centerfielder still has the team headed in a positive direction, feels right. Like how a lot of Packer fan's had a good feeling about McCarthy even before the season started. And even though it is colder than a witches tit outside spring training is right around the corner. Here's a look at the talent in the Brewers farm system.

Not much news coming from the tundra this week but on the former Packer tip check out who's back in the league. For those who click on the link but still draw a blank it is penalty machine DB Joey Thomas. One of many Mike Sherman picks that just kind of fizzled out. His main problem was he drew pass interference calls anytime the ball was thrown in his general direction, but apparently Bill Parcells thinks he can correct that.


Definition of a WHINER

Check this link out, please. Some guy, not confirmed by the site but probably a whiny little Pats fan, had the time and lack of activity in his life to actually craft a detailed PowerPoint presentation to post on a website created to break down the 'Great Escape' (got that from Simmon's latest mailbag article) Manning to Tyree play from the Super Bowl.

Now the presentation is very detailed and the author has a point. The freeze frames cleary show that at least one Giants offensive lineman was guilty of holding and/or grabbing the facemask on that play. But give me a break, that one play did not make or break this game for the Giants or the Pats. The Pats had the whole game to get in sync. If they had brought their A game the closing minutes of the 4th quarter would have just been 'let's see which announcer can suck Brady's dick harder' time. When will sports fans who have never actually played the organized sport they are fans of realize that it takes more than one play to win or lose a game. Let's say the Giants were called for blatant facemask or holding on that play and ended up facing 4th and long, how do you know that there wouldn't have been some other miraculous play that would have bailed them out.

See that's kinda the way karma/destiny works. If something is meant to happen it will. Like the last movie in the Terminator series where the audience realizes that the terminators did not come back to try to stop the war between man and machines, just to save John Conner. There was going to be a war one way or another no matter how many terminators went back to the past.

The Giants were meant to win this Super Bowl. The Pats were not meant to go 19-0. Accept it.


Weekly Wisconsin Sports Wank 2/5

University of Wisconsin men's basketball. B+
Badgers have risen to #8 in the country due to attrition and not losing since the road game at Purdue. I think they are among the 15 best teams in the nation, but I get nervous when the Badgers ranking gets this high. Usually a team ranked this high this late in the season can start thinking about coasting and tournament seeding. Not Wisconsin. A loss right now to anyone in the Big Ten except the ranked teams, Indiana and Michigan State, will not be taken lightly by the AP voters and would probably be the difference between a 2 seed and a 4 seed come March. Sconsin notched another road Wednesday night in Iowa City against a struggling Iowa team (what ever happened to the coaching rep of Steve Alford? Did he fall off after getting canned or what?). Coming up a revenge date with Purdue at the Kohl Center and a chance for maybe a little more national respect if we can deal with Indiana in Bloomington.

Still withdrawing from college football? Here's a link to the list of the Badgers 2008 recruiting class courtesy of College Rivals.com(look at all the 3 and 4 star players!). Dream away.

Marquette University men's basketball. C+
Marquette got it handed to them again by Louisville Monday, this time in Milwaukee so I guess it doesn't really matter where they play. Seems like Crean can just not coach with Pitino (like Huggins). Apparently he's so frustrated with this development that he pulled a Belichick at the end of the game. The frustration level must be pretty high because any unsportsmanlike behaviour is usually way out of charachter for Crean. But the incident was not really that big of a deal and he has been under a lot of pressure trying to keep inconsistent Marquette afloat in the crucible of the Big East. Not an easy task, made no easier by having to go to Notre Dame and Seton Hall the next two games. Interesting breakdown of the Louisville game by Cracked Sidewalks, a really good blog on Marquette basketball that provided the link above also.

Green Bay Packers. B+
For signing Mike McCarthy to a 5-year extension. Good move. McCarthy has done an admirable job so far. At first I was worried that he'd be too young to command the kind of respect a NFL head coach needs to, but the way he was able to kinda pull the reins on Brett indicates that that's not a problem (that's how Favre has always needed to be coached, like a weapon. You need to make him trust you enough to follow you then you need to put him in the best position to cause the most damage to the opponent, like a weapon). He has a plan on how he wants to take this team to where he wants it to go and is sticking with it. These charachteristics will serve him and the Pack well as we embark on L.A.B., life after Brett, in the near future (maybe). Rookies and practice squad players tighten up! You never know when McCarthy might have his eye on you.

Brewers. B+
No distractions for the Crew this offseason just taking care of business. Big things are expected from this bunch when the spring comes, except guys who try to wear their hair like The Rock and write for Fox Sports. If it comes down to us and the Cubs I think we can get over that hump this year. Hey if Eli Manning can win a Super Bowl then . . . hey guys remember back a couple of seasons ago when the Brewers began to kind of turn the corner towards becoming a team that could legitimately compete for something and we had that feel good player Scott Posednik who we promptly traded before anyone could figure out he really sucked? Well he's hit bottom.

Bucks. C+
Bucks have been inconsistent, blown out by the Rockets and Sixers, beating the Grizzlies, putting up good effort against the Mavs but bowing out in the end. But Bucks fans are used to that. What we are most worried about is how this Shaq for Shawn Marion thing affects the Bucks postseason outlook. The Bratwurst takes the time to fully explain this.