Hey check out the above YouTube video that they are linking to over at Brats and Beer. This is post game video of Brett Favre's first game appearance in a Packer's uniform where he notched his first 4th-qtr-come-from-behind victory against the Cincinnati Bengals at Lambeau. So many things struck me about this clip that I just had to post on it. Some of my first thoughts are
  • wow remember when the NFL used to only be on NBC or CBS?
  • we all take cracks at CBS's NFL studio panel nowadays, but this has got to be the most mismatched in studio panel ever: recently deposed Eagle head coach Buddy Ryan, pre Bronco O.J., and Bob Costas. Just from this short clip you can tell there is like no chemistry. O.J. can't get a word in because Costas is fawning over Ryan and is reduced to obvious half assed comments after all the good points have been made.
  • Packer fans, remember when everybody was saying that Majikowski was the next Bart Starr and believing that he was going to lead us out of mediocrity
  • Simmons would have a field day with this.

then I just start really noticing O.J.. If someone had told him after that show that 10 years from then he would become one of the most hated, contraversial, and polarizing people of the last quarter century; that he would be reduced to jacking people for his own memorabelia would he have believed you? And look at how good he looks in the clip and then look at him now. That brother has been down thru there (I know he brought it on himself). You know I had a friend in college whose uncle was an FBI agent stationed in L.A. who told me that his uncle, due to some facts of the case that the public (nor media) has ever been privy to, had always believed that O.J. was innocent, that he intentionally took the fall for the real killer. Said his uncle told him that the killer had a different dominant hand than O.J., was smaller in size, and some other details that led him to believe that O.J.'s son was the actual killer and that O.J. deliberately acted the way he did to draw suspicion to himself to take the fall for his son. I've never known exactly what to think about that story but in the back of my mind sometimes when the media is fucking with him I wonder . . . interesting.

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