The Enemy Within

When I first met my fiancee' let's just say I was not very impressed with my perceptions of her level of intellectualism. Later I found out that she was a deeper thinker than I thought but had learned to hide that part of her personality because she did not like to be over talked by overzealous militants who think they know everything. So lately we've really been cultivating our intellectual sides more, especially with The Great Race that's going on.

So the other day we were talking (after Barack had won Wisconsin's primary) and she was waxing poetic about the prospect of America having a black president and our kids seeing America's second black president, like this will automatically resolve the many issues that race is at the root of in this society. So I just come out of nowhere (because the thought just hits me) and say "You know if he does get elected they'll kill him". "What" she says enthusiasm fading as she speaks, "they'll kill him" I repeated. "Don't you know that the real powers that be in this country will not let America be lead by a black man? Racism is at the heart of some of the deepest, most secretly held beliefs in this society! No way they let a brother run it. They'll kill him first. Might be before the actual election or after but it'll happen if he get's that far."

Fast forward to tonight when I clicked the link to one of my favorite blogs NOIS (in my CLICK THIS list) and lo and behold their latest post which I must do more than link to (sorry for not getting any advance ok NOIS but no one reads my blog anyway)

You and your African ape decedents keep on supporting Obama and getting those guilty feeling liberal whites to vote for him, too. You are playing into our hands.True Americans and intelligent people that understand that the diminishing of white bloodlines is ruining America and the world are waiting anxiously hopin for Obama to win this election.You people are too dense to see what is happening. Once Obama wins, he will most likely be assassinated. That will spark rioting from blacks. Essentially, it will bring about the race war this country needs to right itself and purge the welfare roles and prisons of your lazy, criminal brothers and sisters and resume our role as a world leader that can be respected. The curse our ancestors brought on us today by bringing the apes over as slaves will finally be eradicated.A vote for Obama is a vote for a White America.Keep supporting him!

Now if you read the whole post NOIS claims they received this as an anonymous email from some redneck. I say claims because some of the users who commented on the post believe NOIS made up the letter to inflame there regulars and attract some attention. I don't think so. When the whole Vick thing was blowing up I saw the racist inbreds light up blogs and articles all over the country with their generalized degredation of African-Americans and professional athletes. I've seen how deep the hate goes in Amerikkka so I don't take it lightly.

I guess I was just caught off guard because I have only recently realized that Obama does have a definite, legitimate shot at becoming the Democratic nominee. This is not going to be one of those Jesse/Al we-didn't-quite-make-it-there-yet-but-we're-getting-closer campaigns where black folks give ourselves a pat on the back for showing up. This is Bill O'Reilly's and Brit Hume's worst nightmare. It's something black comedians have been joking about for years, how many seconds would it take for the first black president to get smooth capped. And it just recently seriously occured to me that this could be something I witness in my lifetime. And now here's some more proof to reaffirm my thinking.

Regardless of whether the email on NOIS is a fabrication or not what's real is that you better believe there exists people with this exact mentality.

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