Former Wisconsin athletes

There have been several of them in the news lately, so I thought I would start a routine post to keep up with new develpments.

Remember Milwaukee Washington great Latrell Sprewell? Sure we're all familiar with his recent financial difficulties. We also recently heard that his River Hills house might be being foreclosed on too. Not really the best way to make the news, but it is what it is. Besides if you feel like some of Latrell's actions over the course of his career have made you feel embarrased to be a Milwaukeean, remember he was actually raised in Flint, MI.

Remember former Milwaukee Buck and waste of a first round pick Vin Baker? He's making news because his restaurant is being foreclosed on (disturbing pattern here?). Actually I exaggerate by saying Vin was a waste of a draft pick. Despite his reputation as a boozer that side of Vin didn't really reveal itself until after the Buck traded him to Seattle. When he was with us he was a perennial all-star. First star player we had after the glory years in the '80's. I always felt like if we could have kept that nucleus of him Ray and G-Rob we could have made it over the hump into the finals one of those years (only probably to be squashed by the Lakers or Spurs but still). I hope he can get it together soon. He may be a lush, but he has always seemed to me like the harmless likeable drunk. You know like Otis on Andy Griffith?

And last but definitely not least in size former Packer defensive roadblock Gilbert Brown returns to the field of competition as head coach of Milwaukee's new AFL team the BoneCrushers. The Sports Bubbler has the link to their new promo.

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