Definition of a WHINER

Check this link out, please. Some guy, not confirmed by the site but probably a whiny little Pats fan, had the time and lack of activity in his life to actually craft a detailed PowerPoint presentation to post on a website created to break down the 'Great Escape' (got that from Simmon's latest mailbag article) Manning to Tyree play from the Super Bowl.

Now the presentation is very detailed and the author has a point. The freeze frames cleary show that at least one Giants offensive lineman was guilty of holding and/or grabbing the facemask on that play. But give me a break, that one play did not make or break this game for the Giants or the Pats. The Pats had the whole game to get in sync. If they had brought their A game the closing minutes of the 4th quarter would have just been 'let's see which announcer can suck Brady's dick harder' time. When will sports fans who have never actually played the organized sport they are fans of realize that it takes more than one play to win or lose a game. Let's say the Giants were called for blatant facemask or holding on that play and ended up facing 4th and long, how do you know that there wouldn't have been some other miraculous play that would have bailed them out.

See that's kinda the way karma/destiny works. If something is meant to happen it will. Like the last movie in the Terminator series where the audience realizes that the terminators did not come back to try to stop the war between man and machines, just to save John Conner. There was going to be a war one way or another no matter how many terminators went back to the past.

The Giants were meant to win this Super Bowl. The Pats were not meant to go 19-0. Accept it.

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