I'm back and so is The Pack

I haven't really gone anywhere all this time between posts, but as I said in several of my sporadic posts before I went into hibernation my professional goals and responsibilities dictated that I drop any extracirricular activities and focus. So that cut down a lot on the time I had to just sit around and surf the net for stuff to comment on. But no matter what I had to take time to sit down and watch the NFL draft today. For the Packers this may be one of the most important drafts in the last 20 years. It's year 2 after the departure of The Great One so the rebuilding process is in full effect, we're moving to a new defensive format under a new coordinator, how much longer TT's tenure in GB lasts probably hinges on the results of this draft; all must see tv reasons. But I wasn't really expecting anything particulary exciting. After all our GM is the guy who drafts studs like Justin Harrell.

But it turns out TT had something for me today. As the first picks of the draft played out and the ESPN analysts and Packer fans in the studio crowd realized that there were a couple of excellent players that were going to be available for the Pack's pick, TT said I see you. 'You think I'll fuck this up don't you? Peep this' and proceeded to make the most sensible pick (besides AR I guess) of the last 5/6 years. "The Packers select B.J. Raji, nose tackle out of Boston College", most beautiful words I've heard in a while in reference to the Pack.

Look I'm probably overreacting. Raji's off-field issues have been well documented and these days no player is ever a guarantee to turn out to be great. But as I listned to Raji being compared to Gilbert Brown something just felt different about this draft pick. Something you can't necessarily articulate or put a finger on, just a feeling. And it felt like a turning point.