Yo, Caron!

Hey do you mind if I speak directly to you for a moment. See I don't know you, but I feel the need to check you on something I feel very passionate about, but first let me give you a little background.

I'm from Milwaukee born and raised. I grew up in the early 80's when the Packers sucked (a state or city's football team pretty much defines it's identity to the rest of the country), the Brewers went to the Series in '82 but didn't win it and were mediocre for the rest of the decade, and the Bucks were always in the playoffs but of course could never get past the great Boston, Philly, and Detroit teams. So I dabbled with fandoms of other teams like the Redskins and Lakers while still maintaining my Wisconsin loyalties in the back of my mind.

But when I went to college in the '90's and met guys from all around the country and we started debating sports I was always talked down because I was from Wisconsin. All of our teams sucked from college to pro, how could I possibly talk shit. But I still always stuck up for my hood, my home, where I was from. Those experiences are part of what made me the passionate Wisconsin sports fan that I am.

So I hear the kind of shit guys like Gil Arenas, who was raised in Cali and Florida, say all the time. No one (read black athlete) wants to come to Milwaukee to play. There's nothing here but a bunch of fat redneck white people, cheese, and beer. Well fuck you Gilbert and by the way Milwaukee is 36% black, which has absolutely nothing to do with whether it's a 'happening' place to live, but I just thought you might be interested in that fact.

But my homeboy Caron could have (should have) filled you in on that. He's from Racine about 20 minutes outside of Milwaukee proper so he knows about the crib. Caron I know Gil is your teammate and all, but you gotta check him in about trying to diss the Mil. I mean you've been around. You've probably seen how natives of Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta, Memphis all have kind of a camaraderie with each other. I wasn't really even going to post on this until I remembered you were his teammate.

Yo, Caron! Represent!

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