So long and thanks for all the fish!

Well it was nice while it lasted. The strange, frustrating but at least exciting season of the 2007 edition of the Milwaukee Brewers is over and once again there is no post season. But still there was something different about this season. Fans in Milwaukee were actually paying attention to the Brewers in September, something that doesn't usually happen (or if they are paying attention it's usually just to debate what changes need to be made next year). We were actually involved in an honest to goodness pennant race that was not decided until the last week of the season.
So the way I look at it I can sit around and bitch about how sorry Turnbow is, the many seemingly boneheaded decisions made by Ned Yost, and how we go from 15 games over 500 to barely a winning record in the last month. Or I can be realistic and admit that at the beginning of the season no one in Milwaukee really thought the Brewer's had a snowballs chance at Summerfest of coming within sniffing distance of the playoffs (well mayber older hardcore fans did) so we should be happy that the Brewers gave us the season they did. I mean we're in the same division as St. Louis, Houston, Chicago tough for an unexperienced although talented team to win.
So congrats to the Brewers on their kind of breakthrough season. When Mark Anastasio bought this team from the Seligs he promised he was commited to changing the culture of the lockeroom, to eliminate losing as a frame of mind. I think so far he's doing a pretty good job. Looking forward to next year Mark, and I'll be paying attention this time.

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