Sorry Charlie

Can anyone tell me why Charlie Bell was bitchin all summer about how the Milwaukee Bucks were disrespecting him? Why can he not just be happy he is getting a chance to play in the NBA? Does he not understand that the bottom line is always the business side of the game? He was a restricted free agent. What fairer way is there for the Bucks and Charlie to make sure he gets as much money as he can than letting the market set the price and matching the offer? (which is basically what the Bucks did) They really didn't even have to make him a preliminary offer but did so out of respect for the player and recognition of how he has been hustling his ass of on defense and improving his offensive game. But yet he want's to blog and complain in interviews about how the Bucks disrespected him and he wishes they would not match the offer sheet he signed with the Miami Heat.
Know what Charlie? If the Bucks didn't respect you they would have let you walk to Heat where you have been trying to keep your butt cheeks from falling asleep on the bench. But no, we realize what an integral part you are to this team, organization, and community so we let the market dictate your worth and gave you that.
Now stop whining like my 2-year old daughter and let's get the Bucks to the freakin playoffs!

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