The Ruffian on Old Man Favre

I can imagine that's something that he might call himself in his own mind while he's sitting in his recliner 20 years from now regaling his grandchildren with stories about late game comebacks under pressure and against odds. Or who knows? Maybe he'll still be playing. He's pushing 40 but statistically he's having one of the best years of his career.

I'm not ready to carry Favre's jockstrap and drink his bathwater like a lot of Packer fans seem ready to do, but I do have to give him some props this season. He's playing a lot smarter, looks like he's starting to put those 16 years of experience to good use.

That being said can the Packers really go anywhere this year? Who can say? Stranger things have happened. The class of the NFC right now is supposed to be the Cowboys? So who's on the second tier? Not Chicago or New Orleans or Carolina or the Eagles or the Giants (who the Packers already beat this year). So you have to say if the Pack keeps playing the way they are right now they have as good a chance as anybody in the NFC. I say the NFC because whoever comes out the NFC will be trounced by the AFC representative. How ironic would that be if a juiced up Pats team with recently acquired Randy Moss (who was willing to go to Green Bay before he signed with the Pats) beat the dog crap out of a resurgent Pack in the Super Bowl, getting their revenge for the their loss in '96?

But I'm going to sit back and enjoy the ride no matter how it ends because I know this will be Favre's last year. I don't have any inside info, just a feeling. It would be a perfect way to go out with a season like that and we all know he has a flair for the dramatic by the way he's handled the speculation about his retirement the last couple of seasons.

Thanks for making the Packers relevent again and enjoy your retirement Brett, you deserve it.

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