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It's been awhile since I've been on a regular posting schedule thanks to the birth of my son, Johnathan, moving into a new dwelling and other various 'that's life' situations I had to go thru in the past few weeks. But now I'm back and I missed out on commenting on a lot of sports especially Wisconsin news so you know what it's time for. Shall we?:

Props go to

First I have to give props to the 2007 edition of the Milwaukee Brewers. Yeah they fell short of the playoffs once again, but they had a very legitimate shot this year up until almost the last day and that's the kind of excitement that Milwaukee hasn't seen since '82. The choking down the stretch while frustrating can comfortably be passed off on inexperience which, when coupled with the team coming back for 2008 mostly intact, validates my feelings of optimism for 'next year'. If I'm a Brewer's fan (and I am) I feel great, not because my team blew a 7 game division lead in like a month but because they are set up to be good (and in contention) for the next few years.

The 5-1 Green Bay Packers!! WTF!! This is totally coming out of nowhere. Even your grandma knew the Packers weren't supposed to be shit this year and probably felt like she could do a better job than Favre. Now they are being mentioned in speculation on who the NFC's representative for the Super Bowl will be. But like I've said before, as a fan my demeanor is similar to Mr. Wolf from 'Pulp Fiction'. So let's not start sucking our own dicks just yet. It's hard for gimmicky teams to make it to the big game without a reliable running game and solid line play, areas the Pack has been sketchy in. And after about the halfway point everyone else seems to figure out the one dimensional teams and they start falling by the wayside so we'll see . . .

Marion Jones for finally "coming clean" lol. Seriously she should get some credit for fessing up to the truth without the weight of an unstoppable indictment hanging over her head a'la Vick. Yes she lied so emphatically up until now but that's just the point. She's still has never tested positive on both samples of a drug test. The case against her up til now has been basically a lot of heresay and strong circumstantial evidence. She could have possibly denied anything forever and fans and the USDA would have just been left always wondering. But apparently her conscience and her upbringing caught up do her. Here's to doing the right thing now, even if she didn't at first.

No props for Wisconsin Badgers football. I'm angry. Why whenever the Badger start off in a good spot to possibly actually compete for a national championship do they always falter? Is there a curse on Wisconsin football? Is it the curse of Don Morton and his veer offense from the late '80's? Whatever it is it's fucked up. But I think Wisconsin got caught sucking their own dicks this year. They believed their own hype and played themselves right out of a spot for national title contention. The loss to the Illini was salvagable but not the loss to Penn State. A shame because this really is a team that is better than a lot of people now think, but they probably won't get a chance to show it until they're matched up with some SEC team in a bowl game where people will think they'll get slaughtered and end up winning an ugly game.

To the Milwaukee Bucks for starting their season. I'm cautiosly optimistic about the Bucks this season, even in a stacked East. We're not in the same division as Boston, Lebron doesn't come to play until around Jan./Feb., and we can still beat Chicago, Detroit, and Indiana. So that leaves a little hope until the second round when Boston or Miami shreds us.

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