I been gone for a minute now, but just to let anyone know who cares I haven't forgotten about this blog. A lot has changed in my life since I started this and started garnering a tad bit of attention, so naturally that's gonna be reflected in my future posts. But don't get it twisted. I'm still a die hard Packers/Bucks/Badgers/Brewers/Marquette/UWM/UWGB etc. fan and I'm still going to mostly write about that stuff (the Wank shall return). But I mean the whole country has changed since I've been posting regularly and you know I gotta write about that (because this IS where the real and the fake get separated). And going in a totally different direction I just love the omen we got this afternoon about what the outcome will be Monday night. Nice win by the Badgers, the kind that defines a team for the season.

So in short, I'll be back and here's something for your amusement.

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