Personal Jewels

I've learned some things over the course of my absence about blogging that I thought would be constructive to share (ha!) and also I figured it could serve and kind of posting 'filler' until I get back on track with the Wanks and whatnot (so much that I've missed out on from DD's daddy to Plaxico to this).

One is that it's true that blogging is addictive. It's amazing to me now that I've been forced into a semi-hiatus how strong the urge to blog is. The weird need to put your thoughts out there for everyone to take a look, so certain that the world needs to hear what you're saying and is waiting for you to say it (even if Google Analytics and SiteMeter suggest otherwise). That feeling of determination has to be at the base of what drives an obscure blog to the heights of a Deadspin or Huffington Post.

Two, writer's block is a bitch. Recently there have been a couple of days where I could have squeezed a post in between work and the kids if I had just been efficient with my time. But when I logged in and generated a blank for the new post . . . nothing. Nothing that grabbed I should say. I mean our Wisconsin sports teams aren't being too helpful either, the Packers have lost the last 5 games the same way how many different ways can you break that down. And I hate being like everyone else with the same 'ol analysis, break down the details spiel. That stuff is good but I always have sought to carve out my own unique style, something that would bring visitors to the site on that merit alone whether they were Wisconsin sport fans or not. That requires creativity which has been a little stifled lately.

Third, I learned I'm not going anywhere. I like blogging, makes me feel like I'm making an effort to do my part in making this mess a better place. Until the next wank . . .

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