Hey anybody who reads this site on a regular basis (:)). I felt like posting but I don't have anything in particular to write about that I'm not saving for the next Wank. The Bucks are . . . being the Bucks. They're 7-9, 4-6 in their last ten still bottom of the Central. After starting off the season kind of solid they've faltered a little bit lately but I still subscribe to the Gradual Rise Theory. The Packer just got shellacked by the Saints on Monday Night after giving a beat down to the Bears in Lambeau, secondary got torched, Al Harris's dreds was on fire (Bigby's too). The Badger managed to eek by tough FCS foe Cal Poly because their place kicker missed 3 PAT's. Chris Pressley has gone on the record saying he would prefer not to play in Detroit but he better be happy if the Badgers get invited to go anywhere. Speaking of U Dub the basketball team got ran out of there own gym by Hasheem Thabeet and UConn last night. Marquette is going to have their hands full that game. Still no word on CC and you get the feeling this is kind of holding up any other potential deals Melvin has cooking. I thought he was going to ask CC's people for an answer last week but I guess not, huh?

That's all I was thinking, anymore and it will turn into a full blown post which I do not have the inclination or time to do right now. Sleep beckons . . . oh, don't think I forgot to mention DD's father, more to come . . .

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