Again, so long and thanks for all the fish

ESPN.com is reporting that after activating DT Justin Harrell the Packers have waived Kabeer GBaja-Biamila. As a commenter to the article noted this makes good business sense because the cap hit for his salary will come this year instead of in 2009. His production has fallen significantly over the past few years but it still is sad to say goodbye to a true Packer stalwart. He managed to collect 74 sacks during his time here, good enough to be tops in Packer history surpassing even Reggie White. And he was just as good of a human being off the field, known for his charitable work in the community. Some fans balked about him really being just a niche pass rusher when he got his big payday a few years ago, but he deserved it. He always left it all on the field and conducted himself in a professional manner (never heard about any off field incidents with KGB).

So long KGB thanks for the passion and effort and good luck with the next team you sign with (except if they are in the division), or if you decide to hang it up the next challenge in life you take on.

Perhaps we'll see you in Lambeau in the next couple of years when you go up on the Ring of Honor.

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