Milwaukee's Black Rush Limbaugh

Fellow Black Milwaukeeans, can you believe that this man is actually one of us? What an embarrasment to the African American population of Milwaukee. There's nothing wrong with supporting whoever you want to vote for, this goes beyond that. The mudslinging in this campaign so far has already been thick and he's calling for more of it. As pointed out in the comments of Fields post the enthusiasm of the cheering was because it was a black man saying this about Obama, not because he said anything remarkable. And the worst thing about this is that the black community here is really just to weak and disorganized (in the wake of scandals like Ald. Michael McGee and State Sen. Gary George) to even voice some objection to this guys rhetoric (to bad brothers like Homer Blow aren't still on the air). Well, rest assured I am going to start keeping close tabs on this 'brotha'. Times like this I wish this blog had a higher following 'cuz I bet most registered AA voters in the Metropolitan Milwaukee Area are not even aware of this. More to come(H/T the Field Negro).

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