Ok back to this guy. Please forgive if you were looking for a quicker follow up post on Mr. James T. Harris, but I was thinking since he has become (for the moment at least) the face representing all Black Milwaukeeans to the nation (and I'm only barely exaggerating) I had to take the time to break this brother down properly.

It didn't take that long. A little while after I first read the commentary and saw the video from the rally in Waukesha I just happened to get a phone call from one of my old college running partners, known for his 'radical' views on politics, history, and such. I was still steamed about this cat so of course I began venting to my old friend. After letting me ramble on about how much Nigga Jim was setting back our race (my friend happens to be mixed race btw, black and white) he cut me off in mid-sentence. "Why would you even waste your time try to reach this guy or start some kind of protest against him? He's lost bro. There's not anything anyone could say to that man that would convince him to change his views. The best thing you could do for him would be to attract more attention to him."

And as I did my due dilligence as a credible blog writer and looked at his posts on WTMJ's site and then took the time to read some of the posts on his site National Conversation, I realized my old friend was right.

This guy has totally disassociated himself from being a part of the African-American community. The tone of his posts makes it clear that he does not consider himself to be a part of the diaspora. You can tell that from his post on the fate of Milwaukee's Black Holocaust Museum (which may not close after all) alone. Let's just say it wasn't sympathetic (and I'm not linking to any of this brother's shit anymore, look him up if you have a strong stomach).

Now don't get my reasons for saying this twisted. There's nothing wrong with being a black conservative (though in this society it is not in your best interest) or a black Republican. If you want to vote for John McCain and happen to be black there's nothing wrong with that (though again, not in your best interest). But this guy has turned against his people, his heritage. How? It's right there in his blog. He takes care not to use the words 'they' or 'them' when referring to African-Americans but that artifical seperator is there. You know, like how some white people refer to African-Americans. It just something that you hear in the tone of their voice, the tone of their writing. His posts have a pattern of focusing on effects (or symptons) rather than causes, jumping on the current popular conservative sentiment that institutional racism is no more and blacks have only their own laziness to blame for their current state. Because of this he can never get to any real causes, so I guess in his diseased mind he decides that all Blacks are like animals who have no higher morals or values and would like nothing better than to just get high and shoot at each other all day until our welfare check comes.

So yeah this guy is lost. He's not going to change his thinking for anyone (except maybe McCain). All the hate comments and emails calling him a race traitor and an uncle tom, he was LOVING it. He had more traffic on his site last week than in the past year. And he's finally shown his conservative buddies at AM620 that he can be just as spiteful to the liberals as they can. Given all that I would have to say that scene at the rally was staged and that he is loving every second of the controversy it sparked in the blogosphere.

But I for one will not fuel his need for confrontation to spread his ridiculous rhetoric. The best way to silence this dude is to pay him no mind. He'll have to find his own way back to self. It might be harsh but it's best to just dismiss brothers like that, because when the real revolution manifests itself and it becomes apparent that we are uniting as a people, brothers like this will feel threatened just as if they were white.

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