This is really nothing new

In reference to the Josh Howard thing. It's not really anything new, meaning this attitude has been around (note: meaning it's been present; do not read that I'm saying this is a predominant opinion held throughout the African American community) for a while. Remember the little controversy Mahmoud Abdul Raouf (better known as Chris Jackson of LSU fame) inflamed when he wouldn't stand for the anthem during his time with the Denver Nuggets? It's a tippytoe line that AA's walk in this society on so many levels. Yes you want to take pride in the country you were born, raised, and live in. Your grandfather and great-grandfather worked hard to contribute to the rise of this great nation just like Billy Bob Racist in the mountains somewhere's ancestors did. You felt the horror and shock like everyone else regardless of race that fateful morning of 9/11. But, as African Americans we are also the only ethnic group that has ever been subjugated to chattel slavery by a nation, and yet 400+ years later salute the flag of that same nation embracing its citizenship. Needless to say 'ol Josh has stirred up a hornets nest in a country already hyped up about race and stereotypes because of the impending election. And with the NBA season closer than you think this will probably be one of those things that lingers out there for a while. Let that be a lesson to you Josh: when you are a highly paid, high profile professional athlete you must cya at all times.

My whole reaction to the thing can be summed up with the word "so". Like I said this is something that's been felt, just generally only expressed in the prescence of fellow AA's (you know like how prejudiced Caucasians tell bigoted jokes amongst themselves). And no, I'm not saying that that's the opinion that I hold but like Chris Rock used to say slyly in one of his routines ". . . I understand!"

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