Not feeling just being over .500

That used to be the big goal a few years ago when Ned Yost had just come to the Brewers and seemed to actually be having some success at turning the team around. Even though last years late season collaspe was painful for fans, I was eager to see what that experience would teach that team coming into this year.

Well it seems like we have our answer, we went all in with a weak hand. Looks like the events of last year are going to repeat themselves. Though the details may be slightly different this year the end result is the same: the Brewers blew a lead in the last month of the season and missed the playoffs.

CC must be like 'I came over here for this? Yeah I'm definitely gone at the end of the month'.

And now the guy who was getting credit for starting the turn around is going to be the scapegoat for this season's demise. Dale Sveum is going to be the interim coach? Isn't that the same as conceding the season? Fire Ned Yost must be incredulous at these developments.

Oh well, I'm sure all you fans will be out to support the Crew next spring with your optimism firmly in place. After all the Brewers and dissapointment isn't exactly an unfamiliar pairing is it?

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