AR kicks ass!!!!!

Well now that was something wasn't it. AR not only silenced a lot of doubters and relieved a lot of worried fans, he did it in impressive fashion. 18-22, no picks, 1 touchdown, and lots of big plays including a long scramble for a first down (who said this guy wasn't very mobile). Oh, and no injuries:).

Enjoy this Aaron. Talk shit, give your linemen noogies, snap Driver on the ass with your towel, and walk out of Lambeau with your head held high. A lesser man's performance would have caved given the pressure and scrutiny you have been under for the past three years and especially the last several months. With a whole fanbase's and national media's opinions hinging on your performance you politely but firmly told The Great One "thanks for the concern old timer, but I think we'll be alright up here" (or put more bluntly why don't you shove your constant bagging on our organization up your ass).

Great start, keep it up and you'll make us forget about our last starting #12.

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