Pick your side now, and stick with it

So now on the heels of the unimaginable scenario we come to the inevitable decision.

Packer 'fans' choose your side now, and choose wisely for I view this as being the defining moment for the fan base of this franchise.

This situation has ripped the Packer nation asunder, turned brother against brother and thrown fellow fans into heated debates.

I won't seek to rehash the events of the past few months in this post, if you have visited this site before you know well my opinion of it.

But now that The Great One has made his bed to lie in, we fans have a choice to make: Be ye for the Packers or for The Great One.

Pick the Pack and you may forever despise Ted Thompson as the guy who drove The Great One out of town with his hubris, but ultimately you will be redeemed. For you will be standing for the legacy of the only publicly owned franchise in professional sports. For the ideal that in a team sport no one man, no matter how great, can rise above the welfare of the team. That you will not blindy sacrifice the hoped for glory of one season for the future of this franchise. Brett Favre (yes I will refer to him by name one last time) was/is a great legendary future HOF quaterback who did much to restore the Pack's standing as one of the elite teams in the NFL. But his time with us is over. And yes the Pack may stumble in the wake of his departure, but eventually they will rise again and a new star will emerge. Before Favre there was Majikowski, before him there was Starr, and in the future there will be another.

Pick The Great One and you will be bitter for the rest of your days of fandom. I read a comment on an article about the proposed trade with the Bucs where the 'fan' stated that if he were traded he would immediately abandon his allegiance to the Pack and blindly follow The Great One. I pity this commenter, but wish him all the luck in the world in following a player who clearly does not embody the principles he claimed to uphold. Yes there is plenty of blame to pass around for the situation unfolding as it has, but it's undeniable that the manipulative and selfish aspect of The Great Ones personality has been exposed.

So again choose wisely. I for one will not abandon the team I grew up rooting for and defending. In my view to do so would be to go against everthing people are saying is wrong with pro sports today, overpaid athletes with overblown egos thinking they are bigger than the game.

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