Black folks we got to do better

In my surfing of the internet I often come across things that make me cringe in embarrasment for my peoples, black folk (I usually try to refrain from using the word 'race' because there is no scientific basis for this concept of classifying homo sapiens), most of which could be turned into fodder for whole essays/posts regarding a wide variety of topics. But because I'm a busy guy and this blog already seeks to cover a lot of ground as it relates to 'society' and I do a barely half-assed job of that, I'm just going to try to turn them into one of those running installments that blogs often have. I always liked Charlie Murphy (ever since the K9 Posse) and his short lived tv show so I decided to jack the name because it is so appropriate for the clip below.

There's not anything intrinsically wrong with it. It's a story some news station in the Bay Area did about a new car muffler modification that is all the rage in that part of Cali now. The modification make the muffler make a noise that a lot of local residents think is annoying but the journalist who did this story manages to find some residents who don't see anything wrong with it.

I just dare you to watch without cringing.

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