True Colors

They are really showing as we enter the home stretch of this election cycle. There is a black man running for the presidency of these United States as the nominee of one of the dominant political parties in our country, and the undercover, in the closet white bigots are figuratively running for their lives.

You know they say their haterism of Obama doesn't come from his ethnic origin, in fact they will accuse you of reverse racism if they even think you may be implying that about them. They say they are against Obama because he doesn't have enough experience (even though it is about the same amount that W. and HillBilly had). They say he is the one who has injected this campaign with it's racial undertones to try to spin it in his favor (even though Obama has never really mentioned race as a real issue except to answer questions posed to him on the subject or respond to the various race-baiting techniques that have been thrown at him). They say that they are Americans for America and that they will put all of their efforts into defending this country and it's way of life (even though from the tone of their arguments you get the feeling that if you are not a 'white American' they are not fighting for you).

But then they show their true colors by engineering sites like this where their racist, privileged attitudes damn near overflow the page borders. This site actually has the gall to try to portray Obama as the prejudiced elitist and then in the same breath link to filth like this (they even have a section with all the popular racist jokes about the 'O' man). The site has had a good number of hits for being recently established to and you can tell that more than casual effort was put into constructing it so this isn't some isolated bigot who happens to have some tech skills, it definitely represents a demographic.

The hypocrisy of this type of individual just continues to amaze me. They trip all over themselves to try and perpetuate the belief that America is being held hostage by reverse racism from lazy blacks, but they can't help but showcase those racist attitudes by their behavior, demeanor, and commentary. Fascinating. As one fellow black blogger I read regularly has said "Would those same people be so upset if it had been John Edwards beating Clinton? Or would they just have accepted it with an "Aw shucks" and ponied up behind their party?". Me thinks you know the answer to that one.

Many props to the Field Negro, who put us all up on this site.

And if after hitting the links above you need something to remove the taste, Obama's got your back.

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