Bucks Draft Gadzuric Again

So we knew something would happen tonight, but did we as Bucks fans expect this exactly? So much for Yi being the only untouchable player on the roster. Like the commenter on the Brew Hoop post, my first reaction to news of the trade was "Whaaaaa!!!???". But the more I consider it, the more I guess this could be good for both teams. Unloading Simmons was going to be a chore so Hammonds deserves props for just doing that so deftly. Though if Yi blossoms to anywhere near his projected potential we might have just got screwed for a still young but injury prone (?) veteran All-Star forward. But Jefferson does fit Skiles's style of running and playing defense.

Now about the draft. Small moment of hope when I saw Westbrook taken at 4. Perhaps Kevin Love will fall to the 8th spot?? Yeah fate killed all that on the next pick. So the Bucks ended up doing what everyone had thought they would, taking Alexander. I have no problem with that. I fact I think he, Jefferson, and Bogut will make a better-than-you-think frontcourt. Problem I have is drafting Dan Gadzuric Jr. in Luc Richard Mbah a Moute. ESPN's draft commentator (I think it was Bilas) summed up Mbah a Moute's specs as: good length, good motor, good rebounder, good defender, good conditioning, negligible offensive skills. WTF. We already have a guy like that, signed to a huge overinflated salary, also from UCLA who basically sits on the bench until garbage time, if he even plays then. Yeah every championship team needs a hardnose, scrappy player like that but damn do we need two? (Who's gonna take Gads in a trade? Isaiah isn't an option anymore) isn't that like a waste of at least one roster spot? But the real reason that the pick galled me is the player who was still glaringly available that the Bucks passed on: Chris Douglas-Roberts. I said in my last wank that he's just one of those players you get a gut feeling about, you know he will be a succesful NBA player but it's hard to guage if he will be succesful like say Rob Horry or just be a good solid player but never really dominate and take his team to a higher leverl like say Antwan Jamison. You just know if he's available you should take him. The Bucks will regret this pick when they get knocked out of the playoffs (making the playoffs not a given, I know) by a Nets team with some good young talent led by Douglas-Roberts. I see a lot of Paul Pierce in his game (another guy whose potential was kinda questioned when he came out even though he was a high pick) and we know how he turned out.

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