Pointing out the obvious

If you've never seen the movie 'Idiocracy' with Owen Wilson and (fine ass) Maya Rudolph you really should it was one of the funnier movies of 2006. I have a feeling it will turn into a cult classic.

For the uninitiated a quick synopsis of the plot is that a guy gets frozen in time and ends up like 400 years in the future where he is literally the smartest person in the world.

At the end of the movie the epilogue notes that the hero of the film goes on to become the President of the World, restores common sense, and has 4 of the smartest kids in the history of the world while the former president (in the movie one of the stupidest people in the world) went on to have like 16 of the dumbest kids in the history of the world. Just so happened to catch it last night again on pay tv.

Then I happened to hear about the real life equivalent.


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