Mountineers are so . . .

Hey Fox News, Tim Russert, Brit Hume, Sean Hannity and all of you other right wing dingleberries while you are still busy analyzing Obama's relationship with Rev. Wright and trying to put a negative spin on anything he says regarding any demographic of voters can you ask Mrs. Clinton why she is so proud of winning votes in a state where the majority of it's population is openly racially prejudiced against her opponent. And then still continue to claim that she is not injecting the factor of race into her campaign strategy. I mean the fact is that's why she is even still in this race. The tail end of the primary circut is going through some of the most racially segmented parts of the country and she's winning all of them, enabling her to hang on to that tired "I'm going to see this out to the end and let 'the people' decide" mantra. But back to my original comment I wish someone would just as her how she feels about receiving support from people like this. By the way this is a link to the excellent site of Media Assassin Harry Allen. Yes as in the PE line "I'm callin' up my media assassin/Harry Allen, I gotta ask him/Yo Harry you're a writer are we that type/Yo don't believe the hype". That is tight.

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