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Meaning the business of this blog. As anyone who has taken time to go thru this sites archives will know, the original main focus of this blog was to be as kind of a political forum with smatterings of commentary on the beloved sports teams of my native state. But as my blog has evolved, due to time constraints and other factors I have kind of drifted away from that center (in fact the two themes have basically reversed themselves). Never really ever leaving it behind, just not posting as much on 'those kinds' of topics as I could, satisfied with merely linking to some blog brothas and sistas who do the social/political commentary thing much better than I probably could (after reading their posts I feel so inadequate at times). Today I hope will mark the turning point of all that.

And let me make it clear that I'm not trying to say I'm abandoning the Wisconsin sports aspect of this blog (and I'd like to thank the few little connections I have made throughout the blogspehre and for the attention gathered from my postings on it), indeed I hope to have even more posts on the Wisconsin sports scene along with more of my observations about other aspects of American society.

Now to the crux of the matter. The renewal of the lines of communications with an old friend from the struggle is what is inspiring this post.

Back in the day before I became a typical clone IT professional with 2.5 kids a soon-to-be-wife driving a gas guzzling SUV, I was a founding member of one of the most revolutionary socio-political hip hop groups in the Nashville, TN vicinity known as Rogue State. When I say revolutionaries I mean that truly like following in the footsteps of PE, X-Clan, and Poor Righteous Teachers. We were saying a lot of things about the Bushes, and the whole current climate of the 'Middle East' for example before anyone mainstream was. In one of our songs we predicted the infamous bungled 2000 election almost 2 years before it happened. Why we never 'made it big' is a long and complicated story but I bet there are a lot of guys like me out there. As your life has progressed and evolved you sometimes feel like you have left behind (willingly or otherwise) a part of yourself that you were as passionate about then as you are now about that free time you get when the kids are asleep.

So anyway I caught up with my man, JG 'General Baghdad', last week and lo and behold he is blogging with a hammer. Of course I am pleased to see that he is carrying on in the Rogue tradition. Please check out his POV on the 'O' man, as well as some interesting obscure facts that you may not know.

I'm trying to get him to collaborate with me on this site so he can pick up my slack when time makes me weak. So stay tuned . . .

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