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Man it's been a long week folks. Not really much new going on in the Wisconsin sport scene this week, so this will probably be a pretty short wank. Plus I'm feeling lazy this week as I have finally taken the first extended vacation from my job in almost 3 years (not really much of a vacation though when you have two kids under the age of 3, but that is a digression for another blog). Let's see Pack misses out on the highest paid drunk in the NFL, are D. Turnbow and Ned Yost fucking?, and the guy who indirectly spearheaded the lengthening of shorts in the NBA is the Bucks new head coach. These things and more commented on in this episode of "The Wank".

Slow week as far as any real news goes. I think fans are just sort of hanging out now, waiting for the draft this weekend. Here's a link to a good JSO run down of which draft prospects the Packers have interviewed so far. As a fan to me it's almost like the feeling a kid gets around Christmas or your birthday. You've been a good supportive fan all year and now it's time to get some new toys for your favorite team. The Pack have I think 9 picks and they are about to load up, so over the weekend we'll see what jolly St. Ted will have in his sack for us. And we've been pretty good this year so it shouldn't be a sack of Ahmad Carrolls or Justin Harrells. Speaking of failed draft choices I guess I should put my two cents in about who the Pack should pick in the first round like every other sports blog guy. Their's is the last pick in the first round, with not really a whole lot of options to move up, so it's most likely my guy won't be there (at least according to the buzz) but if he should happen to fall Thompson should pick up Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie. Now a good %50 of my opinion is based on the fact that he hails from my alma mater, Tennessee State University, but he does have a pedigree. It's common knowledge Woodson and Harris are getting older and less effective so this would be a solid pick, despite the Packers well documented past failures with drafting cornerbacks. In other blurbs the Pack "missed out" on Jared Allen when he signed with the Vikings (I think we'll live, but curious that there isn't an outcry like when we could have had Moss), Dante Culpepper paid a free agent visit to Green Bay (smart move for the 3rd stringer or backup QB, but I think Dante still thinks he can start which is of course laughable), and Donald Driver will be picking up the torch to make sure the Packers annual offseason celebrity charity softball game that Brett started will carry on. And Favre made his appearance on Letterman last night and got everyone all hot and bothered about "something's bound to happen". I mean really he's retired, stop letting him yank our chain. It's like he's the hot girl that dumped us and we can't let it go, I understand it but let's move on.

Brewers. C+
As of this writing the Crew stands in third place in the NL central, 5-5 in their last 10. The giant that was supposed to be the Brewers offense has been caught snoozing at times this season (like last night against the Phils) and they have shown a little bit of inconsistency but we have to pace ourselves. The MLB season is marathon, not a race right? And even though we aren't leading the division right away there is a good aura about this team, like don't sleep 'cuz they are capable of beating any team at any time with whatever on the line. And I really like Prince Fielder's development as a leader in the lockeroom (as well as management's commitment to not let our young talent walk in free agency) he's come a long way since his draft prospect projections. They really are starting to starting to draw the attention of this extremely casual baseball fan. But enough of the mushy sentiment what's up with Derrick Turnbow and Ned Yost? As I understand it one of the knocks on Yost is that he leans towards sentiment and personal relationships to much when it comes to roster decisions. Turnbow could turn into the posterboy for that critique with his sub mediocre performance so far this season. (Could relief pitching turn into the Brewer's Achilles heel late in the season?) And we traded Gabe Gross to Tampa for a 6'-5" pitcher name Josh Butler. Gross still has potential to turn into a real good player, it's sad to see him go from that aspect, but it's nice when your team is stocked with enough talent (Tony Gwynn Jr.) that they can afford to just trade players with pretty good "upside". Maybe Butler can be the next Papelbon?

Bucks. B+
For the hire of Scott Skiles as coach. Yes I think he (along with Hammond) will get the franchise back on the right track and in the playoffs again, but I don't think he's the guy to get this team over the hump, meaning championship contention. They say on every level of basketball that the way a team plays is a reflection of the personality of their coach. Skiles was a very servicable point guard for ten years in the league, drafted by the Bucks in the first round (over Mark Price and Kevin Duckworth among others) pretty solid on team defense but not too flashy offensively. A real good backup. Isn't that kind of how the Bulls were under Skiles, even with talent like Ben Gordon? I just don't think he could coach a team to the Finals. I think Carlise would have been the better fit, but here's to proving me wrong. On a side note mock drafters please stop having the Bucks taking Eric Gordon/Russell Westbrook. Both of these guys will be busts. I'm witholding comment on who they should take until they pull the cards out of the envelopes. They could wind up in position to draft one of the Big Three (Beasley, Rose, Mayo).

University of Wisconsin football.
Been reading around about spring ball over in Madison as the Badgers continue to beat up on each other. The latest casualty was DE Matt Shaughnessy who broke his leg in practice. So even though the running game/offensive line is still tight there are still enough casualties to affect expectations for this season (at least the first part, which will be a bitch). No one expects them to tank but they may not be at full strength until the start of the Big Ten schedule which starts with Michigan, Ohio State, and Penn State. Heal fast guys.

Marquette University men's basketball.
There are rumors floating that Kelvin Sampson is headed up here to join Scott Skiles staff as an assistant. I guess that's a fairly solid hire, no recruiting in the NBA. What's really intriguing is the suggestion I read on a blog somewhere (I can't remember the link) that this put Sampson in a real good position to compete for another college head coaching position, possibly in the Midwest. Say maybe in a couple of years if a certain newly hired coach shows he can't cut it in the Big East. I don't think Marquette's immediate fan base would take kindly to him though. They are not used to negative attention like that. Former MU recruit Nick Williams signed with Crean at Indiana. Can't really call him a traitor but I hope he gets beasted with regularity when they play UW (if he even turns out to be any good). See UW and MU fans do have a lot of common interests.

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