Watching the draft, covering my eyes

After thinking the draft was still coming on at around 10, 11 o'clock and subsequently wading through the 4+ hours over pre-coverage. The actual event is under way. I wouldn't call this a live blog of the draft though, just me posting while I'm watching. Strictly gut reactions, I'll leave the in depth analysis to Boomer and crew. Couple of thoughts so far.

Brandon Albert, an offensive tackle out of Virginia, looked really nervous all the way up til he was picked 15th. If I knew who he was I might sympathize with him more.

Chicago and Detroit both drafted offensive linemen. I appreciate the wisdom of building from the inside out but they are not scaring me with those picks.

Cowboys pick up Felix Jones. I think Jones has as much potential as any of the top 10 picks to make an immediate major impact. In fact I will be so bold as to say when we look back 2 years from now this will be the steal of the first round (a'la Randy Moss without the baggage).

Even though he played at Illinois, I like Rashard Mendenhall. From the live home feed he just looks like a really unassuming down to earth guy, not like a prima donna athlete.

Jordy Nelson, Ted? Really? Don't we already have like 4 or 5 really good receivers? What about Carlson from ND or the safety from Ark. State? Those are need positions aren't they?!! I know K.C. took our pick again (seems like they are always the team right before us in every round of every draft) but can you think outside of the box a little?

Looks like the Redskins are trying a different approach to stocking up on receivers, Malcolm Kelly, Fred Davis, and Devin Thomas. Maybe Campbell has been complaining about the relatively diminutive receivers they have now.

Ok. I have been watching draft related programming for almost 10 hours. The rest of my life demands my attention . . .

. . . but first!

Aaron Rodgers (shouts from the kitchen): "Hey Scoob! I'm still making the Scooby Snack casserole, who did we pick?"

Scooby Doo: "Ruh Roh"!!

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