That's a wrap folks

That's it. As of the last commercial break there is 5:29 on the clock and UW is down 19 against Davidson. Everybody is acting like Curry is too quick to get a hand in his face and he is draining jumpers effortlessly. I dread games like this. As a fan you have a feeling about the outcome in the corner of your mind. It won't go away. And after your team makes a few crucial errors and gets the short end of a few calls it is almost like a ringing in your ears. It's not our night. From Hughes getting hurt to the inexplicably sloppy play especially on defense, it's not our night. Congratulations Davidson. Yours will most certainly be the knob the media will be slobbing over should you advance to the Final Four. Michigan State fans who have been ragging on UW since the Big10 tournament you know where to stick it (but I'm still reluctantly rooting for them as the only Big10 team left). I can't believe it ends like this for the great state of Wisconsin. . .

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BratsNBeerGuy said...

suck, sucked, sucks