Saw this article over on Diary of An Anxious Black Woman from a couple of days ago and just had to post on it. This is an example of a proposed (?) PSA poster that will be circulated in the Milwaukee area. The point of the ad is supposed to be that older men having sex with underage teenage girls, no matter how mature their bodies might seem, is legally and morally reprehensible. Of course with the way the ad is layed out, the real meaning could be misconstrued in a number of ways by anyone. Is it really necassary to perpetuate the stereotypical image of the well-endowed, curvacious black woman when you're supposed to be depicting underage little girls? Wouldn't an ad like this whose aim is to eliminate pedophilia just simply tantalize someone who is attracted to young girls anyway, thereby making the whole point of the add moot for them?

As a Milwaukee resident/native I can see the need and value of a campaign like this. There is a real combined mindset here of older males thinking it is ok to 'cruise the strip' trying to talk to these young girls and young girls (partially influenced by this society's skewed culture) wanting to grow up and look grown up way too fast. I'm 35 and I have talked to males my age and even older who will readily admit to only being interested in girls that fall into the 16 - 25 age range. Last year in Milwaukee there was an incident that drew some national attention where a 14-year old girl was gangraped for an extended period of time by a large group of males ranging in age from14 to 35. So I feel it is an issue that might be more prevelant here than in other places. The kind of issue that might call for the kinds of shock techniques (I guess you would call them) being used here. To me they are similar to the latest teen preganancy PSAs where they have a picture of a shirtless pregnant boy instead of a girl and the caption reads 'this should be just as disturbing if it was a young pregnant girl'.

I haven't seen them posted around the city anywhere yet, but I think if they were they could be useful in conveying the message. Fellow Milwaukeeans, comments?

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