Pictured here is the cover of the latest issue of Vogue magazine. Notable for the fact that LeBron James is only the third male ever to appear on the cover of Vogue. In this image of one of the premier athletes on the planet and one of the premier supermodels I see a lot of messages being conveyed on a couple of different levels. Males are rough and animalistic, females are sophisticated and fragile. Black athletes are physically imposing, subconciously suggesting fear. The standard of beauty is a slim boderline malnourished Eurocentric look. All black men lust after white women.

Messed you up with the last one, huh? But go ahead and admit the stereotype did cross your mind didn't it? Maybe somewhere way down deep? Well over at ESPN.com Jemele Hill is calling you out. Well not really in a confrontational way but her take on this photo might make you think a little bit. Check it out when you come out of your basketball coma tonight.

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