Osama Bin Laden March 1957 - ?

So I was over on fellow Blogger site Afronerd the other day and saw this video of one of the last interviews given by former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto. In this general discussion of the political climate in Pakistan and the outlook for her return, she casually mentions the name of one Omar (Oma?) Sheikh and describes him as "the man who murdered Osama Bin Laden". Interesting. . . wait a minute, what!?!!

You mean to tell me that the co-mastermind and financial backer of 9/11, U.S.S. Cole incident, and bombing of a U.S. embassy in Africa that has supposedly been at the top of the CIA's and just about every international law enforcement agency's most wanted list for years was killed (at least sometime last year?) and there was not even a peep about this in the American media???

Something's not right here.

It's been a while since Bin Laden's name has been a regular utterance on the nightly news. Mostly it's been Obama that is making all the news lately (and don't think the media doesn't take every subliminal chance to remind you of how alike they sound). But his face was supposed to represent the enemy in the war on terrorism, not the shadowy form of some Iraqi 'insurgent' huddling in a doorway waiting to ambush troops. Wouldn't news of Bin Laden's death have been exactly the boost the Bush Administration needed while reeling from the fallout of the failing Iraqi occupation. "It may have taken five or six years, but we still got 'im!" Can't you just see the spittle joyously flying from Cheney's mouth as he says something like that?

So what gives?

A search of a couple of news sources outside of the U.S. did not reveal any significant mention of a supposed Bin Laden death other than the numerous rumors that circulated a couple of years ago. Indeed the CIA has just recently authenticated the voice on the latest threat tape issued by Al Queda to be that of Bin Laden's.

Unfortunately Bhutto is no longer with us, having fallen to an assassination attempt December of last year, so no one can follow up with her on this. The guy interviewing her, David Frost, either missed that comment at around the 2:11 mark or took it as casually as she said it. But (from the snippet in this clip) the topic of the interview was not Bin Laden or even necessarily terrorism but more about Bhutto's reform efforts in Pakistan and her life in general. So it doesn't appear that she would have any motivation to lie or start a rumor. I stand with Afronerd in amazement that this was not picked up in the mainstream U.S. media.

Will Bin Laden end up just fading into history like a Nazi war criminal in hiding? The world may never know.

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