A New Hope

Sooooo. . .I guess Saturday's fan exercise in free speech was kind of a reality check for Herb. Being on the Hill most of the time maybe the Senator could not quite appreciate the level of fan dissatisfaction in southeastern Wisconsin. But once he had guaged the situation first hand you can clearly see from his expression at the end of this clip that he knows action is needed.

And so a reason for optimisim was presented to Bucks fans today in the form of a news release announcing the end of Larry Harris's reign as Head Idiot in Charge (or GM) of the Buck woeful front office. Donnie Walsh and Doug Collins (in the past) among others have been mentioned as replacements. As has been said in many places whoever Harris's replacement will be, they will need to wield more power than Larry did. He made some mistakes with Simmons and Gadzuric but there were always rumors of blockbuster trades that would have made fans drool getting vetoed in the last hour by Kohl that made it clear that maybe he wasn't totally allowed to run the Buck his way. He'll probably get more of a shot wherever he ends up next.

But this is reason for fans to hope. Bucks just really need to wipe the slate and close the book tight on the post-Karl-Ray Allen era. We need a change in culture and a real move in a new direction, Krysto you gotta go too man. Sorry, you're a great assistant and college coach who was a dependable starter for the Bucks once upon a time, but we need at least a semi-experienced coach who's not afraid to think outside of the box and still knows what he's doing when he gets out there. Personally I would try to get Terry Porter to come back. It just felt like the Bucks were right on the edge of a breakthrough when out of nowhere he gets fired. That would be in a perfect world but it's not too storybookey to actually happen. Let's just hope the Senator can handle this selection better than the Dumbocrats are handling their selection of a presidential candidate (heyooooooh!!).

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