It's almost here!

With the eve of the best weekend in sports upon us I thought it would be appropriate to once again rehash everything the local news, sports radio, and newspapers have been saying about the outlooks and hopes for our beloved Wisconsin teams in the NCAA tournament.

We got two teams in this year (which is pretty damn good compared to Wisconsin teams of my childhood), UW and Marquette. Not happy with Wisconsin's seeding considering they won their conference tournament and regular season championships, and Texas who the Badgers beat in Austin earlier in the season is a #2? You are not alone. I was not surprised though considering the fact that Texas has been ranked above Wisconsin all year, even after they lost to them at home. That and the Big10 is generally considered a weak conference anyway. We only got 4 teams in (for comparison the Big East landed 8 teams, half the conference) and the tourney and regular season champ gets only a 3 seed. I'm not really complaining about the number of teams in, if you want to dance you need to prove you can at least step, but there should be a little more respect for a conference champ.

Marquette also got the seeding I expected. They're really lucky to get one that high. Even though they won 6 of their last 8 and got to the Big East semifinals they were never seriously in the race for the regular season title and consistently showed inconsistence throughout the season. But despite all of that Cracked Sidewalks has convinced me that maybe the Golden Eagles can go deeper than people expect.

Oh and I almost forgot the whole reason that inspired me to post today besides the Madness, this board over at Buckyville. Seems that Michigan State fans were really upset about losing to UW in the Big10 semifinals, upset like Tom Izzo crying upset. Someone at Buckyville linked to the MSU fan board and they noticed and linked back and hilarity ensued.

So I am pumped, I can't wait until tomorrow morning when there will be important basketball games on at 10:00 in the morning, long distance cellphone shit talking, and some overlooked barely mentioned low seeded team that takes their opponent to double overtime before surrendering to superior talent and/or depth. What could be bett. . .duh!! Bar-b-q! I'm out to the store.

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