Irritated Aussie

Brew Hoop hipped me to this video from the Bucks game at Atlanta the other night (of course they lost). Bogut turned in a good effort in a blowout, as he has been doing all season, (avg. 20 and 10, 61% from the field) but as you can see in this clip it looks like the losing and team turmoil may be starting to get to him.

This worries me a little. With his strikingly more consistent play this season Bogut is steathily planting the seeds to take over as the Bucks top guy. Scoff if you like but I quoted his numbers on the season above, and I think most fans will acknowledge that we are coming to the beginning of the end to the Michael Redd era in Milwaukee. I expect him to be involved in a trade by the end of next season, if only maybe to appease Bogut in a way (with the Bucks screwed in the salary cap game until the end of the decade a blockbuster Redd trade may be the only way to really shake up the roster). We've already heard about his opinion of the NBA lifestyle, and I seem to remember some incident earlier this year in a players meeting where Mo Williams basically punked Bogut. Could the experience of this season be disillusioning him to the point where he is starting to plot his escape? I'm pretty sure his rookie contract runs to 2010 so no immediate worries but if the Bucks keep going down the road of a franchise in shambles will Bogut be able to rise above the fray? Or will he become an annoying malcontent?

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