Fuck. How did I know somehow that Marquette would lose on the road to a Syracuse team that seemed all but dead in the water. Because Boeheim is a Hall of Fame coach who always seems to get a rise out of his teams just when people write them off. Cracked Sidewalks breaks the loss down best. Once again Marquette had difficulty with the 2-3 zone. Doesn't look there is much realistic hope for the Eagles to go deep into the tourney, unless they can somehow get in a groove during the Big East tournament. I know this team has consistently shown the same weaknesses (the 2-3 zone, teams with strong inside games, rebounding) all season that one would expect to see from a very mediocre team, one thats probably not capable of getting past the first weekend but. . . they are 22-8, 11-7 finished 5th in the Big East universally acknowledged as the toughest basketball conference in the country. RPI is 22 so the commitee should be good to go on the surface. And despite how inconsistently they seemed to have played lately they have won 6 of their last 8 since losing back to back games to Louisville and Notre Dame. With out a good showing in the BE tourney I see a 5-6 seed and don't make travel plans past the first weekend.

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