Another side of Keith Olberman

When I was finally able to watch Sportscenter on a regular basis (my family didn't have cable growing up)Keith Olberman was one of my favorite anchors. I enjoyed his witty back and forth with Dan Patrick and Rich Eisen and his signature deadpan call on three's during basketball highlights, ". . .from waaay downtown. Bang.". I always thought that his move from the WWL in sports to a sweet deal at MSNBC was a big mistake. It just always came across like he was out of his element a little.

But even though to me he seemed to be more comfortable commenting on foreign draft prospects rather than foreign policy, he would usually have something at least halfway interesting to say. Well when I saw this clip (I would have embedded it but $&%^%#* Blogger is tripping) of some editorial commentary from one of his recent shows my respect for Olberman went up a couple of notches. It is basically 9 minutes of him putting Hilary Clinton on blast, calling her and her supporters out for the underhanded tactics that have been used in their campaign against Obama.

I was impressed with what he said and how he said it. What impressed me most is that he said anything at all. He could have just rehashed what has already been said by the media in general about the subject, but he chose a response that goes against the conservative white grain. But then again it's not surprising as Olberman keeps showing us that he will always be a free thinker. Oh and big ups to Native Son where I first saw this clip.

Ha. Found it on YouTube instead.

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