Well Lookee Here

Read this the other day over on ArmchairGM where I occasionally post (those guys are hardcore sports fan bloggers. I don't have the time to keep up with them like I want to). Guess who expressed an interest in returning to the suddenly better-than-people-thought-they-would-be Packers . . . one Javon Walker!! Fuck yeah the same guy who bitched his way into Ted Thompson trading him to the Broncos after the Packers wouldn't redo his contract after a Pro Bowl season (which was followed by a season he spent on the IR after the first game).

He's basically turned out to be one of those real talented injury prone players (like Tracy McGrady) who can't stay on the field. When he was totally healthy he could do some damage, he didn't get the Pro Bowl bid for nothing. Put I think his self image is a bit over inflated, as you could maybe tell from his website. So now he's doing the same thing in Denver. Actually it's a little bit different. The Broncos are looking to cut his salary in light of his durability (2 mostly injury filled seasons) and off course he's balking at this. But the kicker is in one of his comments he actually said that maybe he should go back to Green Bay because they "made him the player he is". This after trying to taunt the Pack last year when Denver went to the playoffs and Green Bay had a dismal 4 win season.

Walker has since played down that comment but that's alright, Ted Thompson would never bring that punk back and we don't need him.

Yo Javon, you probably don't recall but when you still had your old website with the Packers theme I left a comment for you basically saying you would regret your decision. It's nice to be right.

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