Oohhh, he was only bluffing!

Surfing the web when I ran across this amusing anectdotal story about some statements Saddam Hussein allegdedly made while in U.S. custody after his capture. Saddam said that he was trying to bluff the U.S. with the whole 'weapons of mass destruction' thing and that he was really just trying to maintain a strong image so his country would not be vunerable to attack from their neighbor Iran.

A plausible enough story on the surface. But there seems to be something just a little out of place with this story. With W's final term mercifully nearing it's last days you know he is still trying to do major damage control to boost his public image, putting more of a positive spin on his historical legacy. Hell he's even talking about giving money back to the average consumer again. So maybe there's an ulterior motive to disseminating this information. Like maybe trying to play up the fact that Saddam was very thorough and clever in his deception and the United States could not help but be fooled into thinking that Iraq had weapons with U.S. mainland striking capabilities. I also love the part that was casually referenced at the end about how Saddam assured the interrogator that he would have restarted Iraq's WMD program once the international focus was off if he had had a chance. I'm just saying real convenient that this comes out now.

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