Let Me Be The First

Let me be the first to congratulate the New York football Giants on a well earned victory this Sunday afternoon over the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field, and for not messing up a game that was practically handed to them thanks to the inexplicably inept play of the Green Bay offense/defense. Good luck and I hope you play with that same fire when you take on the Patriots, anything to keep them from winning it. If you think the media makes a big deal out of Brett Farve, you haven't seen the tip of the iceberg with Brady.

Anyway as a fanatical but at the same time realistic Packer fan I have to say thank you to the 2007 edition of my favorite team. When the season started I was just hoping we could win a few games this year, maybe beat Chicago at home and be competitive in most games. Never in my wildest of optimistic scenarios did I imagine I would have the opportunity to still be cheering the Pack on in January. You guys (along with last season's Brewers before they collasped) brought the sports excitement and enthusiasm back to Wisconsin.

Who would have thought, Packer fan's, that after a summer of disappointments over not getting Randy Moss and the job performance of Ted Thompson in general that we would end up having the season we did. And with an excellent chance of being very good again next year.

Yeah it sucks losing like we did, at home in a game of this magnitude but the Pack has brought me too much joy this year for me to end it on a sour note. Good job guys, let's get ready for next year!!

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