Can you spare a moment?

We all know there is an election looming on the horizon and have heard plenty about the main issues that will be discussed (Iraq, economy, education, etc). But there is one issue that has not received all that much attention from the media: the state of poverty in this country. And I'm not just talking about the homeless brother living under a freeway viaduct, I'm talking about the family with 2+ kids where both parents work 2 jobs and are barely making ends meet.

By way of blogs Mirror On America and Racialicious comes word that Stanford University is publishing a new magazine on social issues called Pathways, the first issue of which contains an article in which each of the three front running Democratic hopefuls provide documentation on their plans for fighting the war on poverty in this country (Racialicious and their commenters provides an excellent breakdown of the main points of each plan). John Edwards has been focusing on this issue for a while now but both Obama and Clinton have good ideas. A good read if you are not too busy drinking W's kool-aid.

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